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A New Monday

Posted by Jackie R. on August 28, 2006

1. Signed up ZurichFunds and invested a test amount of $10. 15% returns for 10 days. Daily withdrawal.

2. Subscribed to Vincent Teoh’s Autosurf Guide for $19.95 for 1 month. I found that the DD reports are well worth the money.

3. Signed up ReinDeerSurf after reading the guide and upgraded $100. 12% returns for 12 days. 3 withdrawals in 30 day period for deluxe members. Nice early Christmas mood at this site.

4. Requested withdrawal for paradehyip for $2.85. I thought this program promises instant withdrawal but it is not obviously. Alert and hence it is placed on hold now.

5. Good news! Received 2nd payout from my favourite GladiatorSurf II for $25.65 in a timely manner of 7 business days. GSII is a highly accoladed site with 50/50 rule for stability. Do not miss this program. I intend to upgrade to $500 every 7 days asap to receive weekly payouts.

6. No nonsense for HustlaHYIP again. 15% returns for 10 days. I invested $799 here and just received the 3rd payout of $119.85 through it’s instant withdrawal feature. Hustla is the fastest growing hyip at this moment and I hope it will last till year end as it has high momentum and excellent admin support at MMG to say the least.

7. Received a pittance of $0.19 payout from Europe Trade. I just invested $10 here to test it and it has been paying instantly from Monday to Friday weekly without fail for the last 2 weeks or so. I may increase the investment amount here soon. 1.9% for 180 days for the basic plan. Looking to my 16th request tomorrow.

8. Nexxsurf has died I guess. Lost $50 here.


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