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Buzzing Tuesday..

Posted by Jackie R. on August 29, 2006

1. FidelityInvestmentGroup (FIG) paid me overnight for the 4th installment of the 6 day program. FIG is another recommended program and I have now broken even on this one. Hope to maintain the runs here.

2. SCAM card for both SatelliteFunds and ParadeHYIP. I have learned that programs using such HYIP scripts without any programming customisation are pre-cursors to early death. Do you think so? Luckily I just put in $2 and $1.50 respectively.

3. Paid #1/10 by ZurichFunds for $1.50 about 2 hours after request.

4. Instantly paid by HustlaHYIP for $119.85. This is the the 4th payout of the 2nd cycle investment. This is a tremendous program that is gathering a lot of rave reviews at MMG now.

5. Instantly paid by Europe Trade for my $10 test spend. This is looking good too but I prefer shorter investment cycles.


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