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Dazzling Wednesday..

Posted by Jackie R. on August 30, 2006

1. Paid for the #5/6 by FidelityInvestmentGroup shortly after requesting. This is a superb program in the view of many online investors.

2. My gd2use yahoo email address has been screwed up. I have overwritten my old password saved in the Roboform. The new password has 40 characters and maybe that is a bit extreme to say. I thought I saw Yahoo sent me an email saying password had been changed but I logged out and tried to log in again using the new password but the system wouldnt let me. Password recovery processes were useless as I have forgotten all the account information in the confirmation page. As a result, I had to request for password change for all the programs I am with now and I will miss the ‘rich’ contents of gd2use.

3. Instantly paid by HustlaHYIP for $119.85. This is the the 5th payout of the 2nd cycle investment.

4. Instantly paid by Europe Trade for $0.19 for my $10 test spend. This is looking good too but I prefer shorter investment cycles.

5. Paid #2/10 by ZurichFunds for $1.50 a few hours after request. Keep it up, ZF!


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