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Downcast Thursday..

Posted by Jackie R. on August 31, 2006

1. Paid for the #6/6 by FidelityInvestmentGroup !! $50 profit in 6 days! Rave reviews all around and I immediately invested $100 again.

2. There is technical blip at HustlaHYIP sometime around 12.30am server time. Error “Got error 127 from storage engine” showing and the turing code is missing. Let’s see how it will turn out. I am certainly calm about this issue but the forums must be buzzing with many cold feets screaming $*&#$(*)@# now. Most people are negative. This is human nature.

3. Signed up EliteVentures as it was said to be set up by MMG’s Xelnaga1 and Wolfie who both have good reputation there. Taken off the EV website, “We are committed to maintaining a viable honest program that is backed by trading in commodities; debentures, and other stocks of varying natures. We work with real traders doing in such clearinghouses as Smith Barney, Merrill Lynch, Price Waterhouse, etc. Our interests are to provide investors a real and steady return on their money, and we are not interested in paying unrealistic interest percentages as a means to gain deposits. We are here for the long haul not the short term.” Visit the url for plan details. 🙂 Good luck!

4. The helpful admin Vanessa at Hustla is back to calm the situation at MMG. after a couple of nervous hours. She assured members not to worry about the site and the fund as Hustla will take care of the technical issue. This is the tedium with online businesses, you must practically devote each hour of the day to man the site and it is hard to make people understand that you need to spend sometimes offline too. Will update once the site is okay.

5. Instantly paid by Europe Trade for $0.19 for my $10 test spend.

6. HustlaHYIP, once again, is up and running at full speed at around 6.30am server time. I can feel as massive relief at MMG. Kudos to them for such a well-supported rescue operation.

7. Paid for the 3rd time by ZurichFunds. Well done!


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