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Daring Thursday..

Posted by Jackie R. on September 7, 2006

My faith in FidelityInvestment Group at this moment is so firm that I did not hesitate to deposit $600 to this great program that can earn me $900 return in 6 days. I also intend to compound a lot with this latest investment amount. At this moment, only FIG is the best of all programs and it is a hope that many of us want it to go on for many more years which even the admin Maurice has reaffirmed in the forum but how true is that? I can only enjoy it while it can go on, hopefully it is still here by end of 2006.


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Bright Tuesday..

Posted by Jackie R. on September 6, 2006

FidelityInvestmentGroup paid me overnight for $186.33, much to the delight for me today when I check my egold. This investment program is proving to be a top-notch place to grow your ‘afford-t0-lose-take-some-risks’ money. You can earn 25% for 6 days or 200% in 10 days. Here is the company profile.

FIDELITY INVESTMENT GROUP is made up of a group of individual traders in both the forex market using some of the best brokers (Metatrader, North finance, Interbank FX,MBtrading etc) and a number of high yeild commodities like crude oil and rubber. We have over the years, acquired several plantations and seeking to acquire more and our produce are exported to9 the foreign market where we make very good profits as we do not consult with middle men, we deal directly with the people who we supply our produce to. We boast of several clients in the highly competitive pneumatic industry as steady consumers of our products as well as some firms in the oil and gas industry. We earn decent profits from both angles of trade so we are able to pay a stable and high return on your investment with our group. We have concessions around the world and are currently seeking to expand our operations by acquiring more capital and then fusing it into our several businesses and growing accordingly thereby making money for both our group and our investors.
Our Rubber and Crude oil trades are done with the help of local representatives in the countries where we have operation who are well conversant with the black market in the countries they represent. 50% of the funds invested with us will be channeled into our commodity market while the rest will be used in our forex trades. 20% of our profits will be used as reserve funds in order to ensure that we are able to pay our investors during our market downtimes in the event that there is any. Our investors will have a chance of enjoying up to 100% return on their investment within 10 days!

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Gloomy Tuesday..

Posted by Jackie R. on September 5, 2006

The big news for today is, HustlaHYIP is declared dead and over. Apparently, the admins had plans to scam it over the last weekend, first with the announcement of the halt of instant withdrawal, daily payout and referral fees. Members were promised that manual payouts would start from 4 September 2006 noon server time. We waited , and just when the clock was reaching that hour, Vanessa, the ‘Liaison Officer’, just disappeared from MMG forum. As the clock trickled past noon, the site was loading excruciatingly slow but it was back up to normal service within 5 mins, as what we thought, service resumed. However, the next few minutes were moments when general panic, pessimism and pondering set in. The dreaded ‘account not in use’ grey message first appeared, then changed to a white blank page and finally, the url was diverted to google. That’s it! I make a $40 profit here. Those people will get something bad sooner or later.

On a happier side, I instantly received the $0.80 #1/10/1 from FinanceTraders. I will try to maximise the earnings from this program while it is still burning the fuel like new stars. All will eventually come to the end like Hustla I guess.

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Brand New Monday..

Posted by Jackie R. on September 4, 2006

I read through the MMG threads and came across this program called FinanceTraders, which offers investors a 16% return for 10 days. This program just started on 3 Sept 2006 and the admin FTraders can be found actively at MMG too. I promptly signed up and made a $5 test spend and received a $1 bonus from the admin as well. FinanceTraders has some potential to do well.

After a relatively good week, on the first day of the new week 4th Sept 2006, ZurichFund’s is showing some signs of red flags. Many members have reported their Sunday’s payout have still not been processed and so do mine’s. At this moment, I have 2 pending cashouts right here, if there are still not activities by tomorrow this time, this program can be declared scam and dead. According to the email sent by admin, he mentioned that the payout script has messed up and he is in the process of fixing it but he was no where to be seen at MMG as contrary to prevois few days. Over at FidelityInvestmentGroup, I was not able to access the site for some minutes, but there was no worry for this one as the admin had rallied to the mass that this is a technical issue. A small edit of the hosts.txt file at XP’s system32/drivers/ directory was enough to cure this issue. Thanks for the guy who gave this tip. Forward about 5 hours later, the DNS propagation issue has been fixed and this happened because the hosting company made “a software upgrade”. #4/6/2 has also been paid today. Payment at Europe Trade has been processed instantly too.

Over at HustlaHYIP, many of us are eagerly awaiting for the new SOP to kick off on 4 Sept noon server time as it is the time the mass daily payouts will begin. Confidence will be restored and back to normal once members receive the golds again.

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Lazy Sunday..

Posted by Jackie R. on September 3, 2006

Today is Sunday here at my country. Predictably, things are moving slower as program admins and co need to have some good family time or spend some time offline away from the freaky members. However, there is still a big news from HustlaHYIP. Here is the email from them about the change.

Updates From Mr. Don Moretti. (IMPORTANT)
Dear Hustlas,
After a lengthy discussion with the team members, we have made a
decision to ammend the plan from “15% daily for 10 days” to “150% after 10
days” to stabilize Hustla HYIP. We wish to be here to serve you for a
very long period, hence the decision. Payment will be processed manually
and to be done at every 12 noon server time.
All current deposits are automatically transfered to the new plan.
Thank you.
P/S : Referral commission has also been discontinued. There are too
many multiple accounts per IP. We decide to take a softer approach in
tackling this issue.
We understand your situation. People love instant payment because they
get paid everyday and vote everyday. We love that way as well but i
think Mr. Don made a wise decision to sustain this program.
We are here to stay. Please support us Hustlas.
Vanessa Kwan.
Hustla HYIP Community Liaison Administrator.
http://www.hustlahyip.net (Hustla Official

As Hustla is a very well-supported HYIP at this moment, many members are suprised by this change. I support any change that will endure the longevity of a program, however, this seems to be a deja vu of Compactsurfing, Studiotraffic plus many other sites that have such identical development. I will be keeping a close watchout on Hustla for the next few days and I am sure many have fears that this is the beginning of the end. The golden adage is, why fix it when there is no problem certainly runs true in online investment stuff. People are timid nowadays.

Other than this news, there are no other updates except for FidelityInvestmentGroup, I compounded another day of earning for my #2/6/2 and get paid as usual for my #2/6/3 for $137.50 🙂 Also upgraded GladiatorSurf and 12by12Daily by $40 and $54 respectively.

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Retrospective Saturday..

Posted by Jackie R. on September 2, 2006

1. Re-invested $25 from my #1/6/2 for FidelityInvestGroup. Also paid $137.50 for my #1/6/2. Cool..

2. Re-invest $119.85 from my #7/10/3 for HustlaHYIP. Now is the right time to grow the accounts for these 2 trusted money-making programs.

3. Paid for the #5/10/1 by ZurichFunds for $1.50. This is looking good as the stats of this site is improving steadily.

4. At the same time, I received the 3rd straight payment from 12by12daily within terms which is the surprise of the day. It is just a small token $8.64 for a single unit upgrade. I really do not have enough funds to upgrade more at 12by12daily at the moment.

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Glorious Friday..

Posted by Jackie R. on September 1, 2006

1. Paid $25 for the #1/6/2 by FidelityInvestmentGroup minutes after request! FIG Admin also changed my account email at the same time. Somehow, I am contemplating for upgrade more into this program as it seems a highly viable option at this moment. 150% for 6 days, great admin, super momentum and well supported by members, aren’t all these factors that make a site special? After some careful thought, I invested into FIG by $550 for the 3rd cycle.

2. Instantly paid by Europe Trade for $0.19 for my $10 test spend.

3. HustlaHYIP paid me instantly for my #7/10/3 of $119.95. The rate of growth of this site is simply phenomenal, especially after the way the admins turned round the palid situation yesterday afternoon.

4. Paid for the #4/10/1 by ZurichFunds. Well done!

5. Paid for $6.50 by 13DailyPro in less than 7 business days. This is a 13% for 10 days program. I will invest here in small losable amounts as the stability of this site is still questioned by some old members but I have been paid for 2nd time with no delay.

6. Requested for early payout from ReinDeerSurf for $60. Was paid within 12 hours. That means I have reduced the risk by 60% here.

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