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Glorious Friday..

Posted by Jackie R. on September 1, 2006

1. Paid $25 for the #1/6/2 by FidelityInvestmentGroup minutes after request! FIG Admin also changed my account email at the same time. Somehow, I am contemplating for upgrade more into this program as it seems a highly viable option at this moment. 150% for 6 days, great admin, super momentum and well supported by members, aren’t all these factors that make a site special? After some careful thought, I invested into FIG by $550 for the 3rd cycle.

2. Instantly paid by Europe Trade for $0.19 for my $10 test spend.

3. HustlaHYIP paid me instantly for my #7/10/3 of $119.95. The rate of growth of this site is simply phenomenal, especially after the way the admins turned round the palid situation yesterday afternoon.

4. Paid for the #4/10/1 by ZurichFunds. Well done!

5. Paid for $6.50 by 13DailyPro in less than 7 business days. This is a 13% for 10 days program. I will invest here in small losable amounts as the stability of this site is still questioned by some old members but I have been paid for 2nd time with no delay.

6. Requested for early payout from ReinDeerSurf for $60. Was paid within 12 hours. That means I have reduced the risk by 60% here.


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