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Lazy Sunday..

Posted by Jackie R. on September 3, 2006

Today is Sunday here at my country. Predictably, things are moving slower as program admins and co need to have some good family time or spend some time offline away from the freaky members. However, there is still a big news from HustlaHYIP. Here is the email from them about the change.

Updates From Mr. Don Moretti. (IMPORTANT)
Dear Hustlas,
After a lengthy discussion with the team members, we have made a
decision to ammend the plan from “15% daily for 10 days” to “150% after 10
days” to stabilize Hustla HYIP. We wish to be here to serve you for a
very long period, hence the decision. Payment will be processed manually
and to be done at every 12 noon server time.
All current deposits are automatically transfered to the new plan.
Thank you.
P/S : Referral commission has also been discontinued. There are too
many multiple accounts per IP. We decide to take a softer approach in
tackling this issue.
We understand your situation. People love instant payment because they
get paid everyday and vote everyday. We love that way as well but i
think Mr. Don made a wise decision to sustain this program.
We are here to stay. Please support us Hustlas.
Vanessa Kwan.
Hustla HYIP Community Liaison Administrator.
http://www.hustlahyip.net (Hustla Official

As Hustla is a very well-supported HYIP at this moment, many members are suprised by this change. I support any change that will endure the longevity of a program, however, this seems to be a deja vu of Compactsurfing, Studiotraffic plus many other sites that have such identical development. I will be keeping a close watchout on Hustla for the next few days and I am sure many have fears that this is the beginning of the end. The golden adage is, why fix it when there is no problem certainly runs true in online investment stuff. People are timid nowadays.

Other than this news, there are no other updates except for FidelityInvestmentGroup, I compounded another day of earning for my #2/6/2 and get paid as usual for my #2/6/3 for $137.50 🙂 Also upgraded GladiatorSurf and 12by12Daily by $40 and $54 respectively.


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