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Brand New Monday..

Posted by Jackie R. on September 4, 2006

I read through the MMG threads and came across this program called FinanceTraders, which offers investors a 16% return for 10 days. This program just started on 3 Sept 2006 and the admin FTraders can be found actively at MMG too. I promptly signed up and made a $5 test spend and received a $1 bonus from the admin as well. FinanceTraders has some potential to do well.

After a relatively good week, on the first day of the new week 4th Sept 2006, ZurichFund’s is showing some signs of red flags. Many members have reported their Sunday’s payout have still not been processed and so do mine’s. At this moment, I have 2 pending cashouts right here, if there are still not activities by tomorrow this time, this program can be declared scam and dead. According to the email sent by admin, he mentioned that the payout script has messed up and he is in the process of fixing it but he was no where to be seen at MMG as contrary to prevois few days. Over at FidelityInvestmentGroup, I was not able to access the site for some minutes, but there was no worry for this one as the admin had rallied to the mass that this is a technical issue. A small edit of the hosts.txt file at XP’s system32/drivers/ directory was enough to cure this issue. Thanks for the guy who gave this tip. Forward about 5 hours later, the DNS propagation issue has been fixed and this happened because the hosting company made “a software upgrade”. #4/6/2 has also been paid today. Payment at Europe Trade has been processed instantly too.

Over at HustlaHYIP, many of us are eagerly awaiting for the new SOP to kick off on 4 Sept noon server time as it is the time the mass daily payouts will begin. Confidence will be restored and back to normal once members receive the golds again.


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