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Gloomy Tuesday..

Posted by Jackie R. on September 5, 2006

The big news for today is, HustlaHYIP is declared dead and over. Apparently, the admins had plans to scam it over the last weekend, first with the announcement of the halt of instant withdrawal, daily payout and referral fees. Members were promised that manual payouts would start from 4 September 2006 noon server time. We waited , and just when the clock was reaching that hour, Vanessa, the ‘Liaison Officer’, just disappeared from MMG forum. As the clock trickled past noon, the site was loading excruciatingly slow but it was back up to normal service within 5 mins, as what we thought, service resumed. However, the next few minutes were moments when general panic, pessimism and pondering set in. The dreaded ‘account not in use’ grey message first appeared, then changed to a white blank page and finally, the url was diverted to google. That’s it! I make a $40 profit here. Those people will get something bad sooner or later.

On a happier side, I instantly received the $0.80 #1/10/1 from FinanceTraders. I will try to maximise the earnings from this program while it is still burning the fuel like new stars. All will eventually come to the end like Hustla I guess.


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