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Bright Tuesday..

Posted by Jackie R. on September 6, 2006

FidelityInvestmentGroup paid me overnight for $186.33, much to the delight for me today when I check my egold. This investment program is proving to be a top-notch place to grow your ‘afford-t0-lose-take-some-risks’ money. You can earn 25% for 6 days or 200% in 10 days. Here is the company profile.

FIDELITY INVESTMENT GROUP is made up of a group of individual traders in both the forex market using some of the best brokers (Metatrader, North finance, Interbank FX,MBtrading etc) and a number of high yeild commodities like crude oil and rubber. We have over the years, acquired several plantations and seeking to acquire more and our produce are exported to9 the foreign market where we make very good profits as we do not consult with middle men, we deal directly with the people who we supply our produce to. We boast of several clients in the highly competitive pneumatic industry as steady consumers of our products as well as some firms in the oil and gas industry. We earn decent profits from both angles of trade so we are able to pay a stable and high return on your investment with our group. We have concessions around the world and are currently seeking to expand our operations by acquiring more capital and then fusing it into our several businesses and growing accordingly thereby making money for both our group and our investors.
Our Rubber and Crude oil trades are done with the help of local representatives in the countries where we have operation who are well conversant with the black market in the countries they represent. 50% of the funds invested with us will be channeled into our commodity market while the rest will be used in our forex trades. 20% of our profits will be used as reserve funds in order to ensure that we are able to pay our investors during our market downtimes in the event that there is any. Our investors will have a chance of enjoying up to 100% return on their investment within 10 days!


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