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NextDay90 Update

Posted by Jackie R. on November 30, 2006

Hello all NextDay90 members. I have received numerous e-mails on the subject of only allowing two upgrades. Members who have two upgrades must wait until one upgrade goes to pending before they can purchase another. This causes a member to have to wait a extra day to purchase another upgrade. I understand and agree with the members totally.

Effective immediately: NextDay90 members can now have up to 4 upgrade packages at one time. Also a upgraded member may also advertise 4 sites at one time also. This should resolve the problem of having to wait that extra day to repurchase.

Thanks, Jim
Admin, NextDay90


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Paid by 12By12Daily

Posted by Jackie R. on November 30, 2006

A referral has just been paid over $420 for her 20th November expiry. It is a great testament to the admin’s management skills to steer clear of the potholes along the way where so many of the critics are already in the process of sharpening their knifes. The payment was promptly re-upgraded and all are according in her plans.

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Some thoughts

Posted by Jackie R. on November 29, 2006

The first day adpack return for Next90Day was a good 13.6%. This is the only profit sharing surf I am in other than CEP Coast and I take this as more of an experiment than serious venture. Apparently, a rather popular profit-sharing surf had just scammed with big amount of money. The name is DailyProfitShare. Beware of those new sites popping up now using Coast’s model!

There is a day or two of delay for the payments at 12By12Daily. The payments to date are at 19th Nov. I am waiting for the 20th payment for a referral. As long as the payments are coming, things here should be going smooth and up as usual.

Last few days at CEP Coast we have seen some lowest returns since the site was incepted in October. The latest we got is 2.17%. Admins here have been assuring us through their good customer service about the stability and self-balancing system Coast has got here. According to them, we should be seeing some up swings soon. Not to worry for me because I still continue to compound as usual although the rate could be slower due to the lower returns.

On another note, I have just installed Ubuntu Linux to my notebook today making it to dual boot with my current Windows XP Home. It is very new to me and I need time to pick it up. I have it in my system precisely because I have heard many rave reviews about this version of Linux and the apparent security of the operating system. The main gripe right now is that I am unable to make the wireless function to work here. The wireless NIC I have is Intel Pro 2200BG. Any idea?

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Posted by Jackie R. on November 27, 2006

Today I would like to introduce a site that is about 1 month old, called NextDay90. It is based on profit-sharing model that seems to sprout out in numbers since the inception of CEP Coast. Among a few of those, NextDay90 caught my attention. The admin, Jim, has been very active at MMG so far and been giving excellent admin support there. Plus the fact that the payouts have been done quickly and of course, the very high daily return rate make it a very attractive proposition for a test drive. I invested $20 into it.

Here is how this site works, taken from NextDay90 site.
NextDay90 is a premium advertising company which pays it’s advertisers to view advertisements. Paying people to view advertisements is a powerful and affordable way to increase traffic to your website and promote your business on the internet.

NextDay90 creates revenue by offering multiple advertising options.

*Main Page Banners
* Banner Rotations on Surfbar
* Pay to Click Banners
* Full Page Ads

To earn commisions from NextDay90 a advertiser must purchase full page advertising. Full page advertising is sold as Ad Units. An advertiser may purchase from 1-500 Ad Units. As a upgraded advertiser you may purchase an additional 1-500 Ad units but no more than 1000 Ad Units total. The cost to purchase one Ad Unit is $10. For this purchase, a advertiser will receivefifty (50) full page views of the site they submit.
Each view will be a duration of 15 seconds.
NextDay90’s surfbar is a 15 second manual surfbar. This ensures the advertiser is receiving maximum exposure to their site.

NextDay90 takes 90% of the revenue generated from the sale of these Ad Units each day and uses these funds to compensate their advertisers for viewing other advertisers sites. The other 10% of revenue is used for website promotion, hosting fees, website developement and administrative fees. The following is one example of how the daily Ad Unit Value isdetermined.

100 Ad Units are purchased=$1000
90% of $1000=$900
$900/100 Ad Units=$9.00 Ad Unit Value

The number of sites a advertiser must view to earn the daily Ad Unit Value is determined by the number of Ad Units they have purchased.

I will report more on this site in the next few coming days. 🙂 Stay tight on this cold rainy day.

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Change of Terms for 12By12Daily

Posted by Jackie R. on November 27, 2006

A couple of changes have been made at 12By12Daily.

First, the payout time has been changed from 7 calendars day to “on or about the 7th WORKING day after the expiration of each Ad Pack”. Please refer here for the full update.

Second, members will have an “opportunity of purchasing a third upgrade package instead of the current two, in light of the fact that their payouts may be delayed by a day or so”. This 3rd upgrade has been enabled. Please refer here for the update.

I understand it is really difficult to satisfy over 35,000 demanding members. Most of them are quick to blame for any administrative delays which usually are the results of their own ignorance to disobey the stated instructions. More so at a site like 12By12Daily where Dave has put in a lot of effort to safeguard member’s account security. Most importantly is that the payouts are still carrying on without stop, although there could a couple of days of delays to allow him to check through the crooked accounts as well as he needs time offline to take care of his hospitalised wife. With that, I wish Dave’s wife for a speedy and healthy recovery.

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Posted by Jackie R. on November 25, 2006

Run by the most respected man in autosurf industry, David Cannard, 12By12Daily is the current shining light amongst a myriad of autosurf sites each clamouring for attention. Over 1,500 pages at its MMG thread shows its popularity and importance. Facing some stuttering moments after its spectacular inception in July 2006, the site has stablised the course over the last 6 weeks. You have to give credits to David who turned it around amidst huge cynicism from the so called ‘experts’. Now its alexa ranking is climbing steadily and is on the track to reach the stellar heights of its predecessor, 12DailyPro. I give it a top ranking. Those who want to earn money online should not give it a miss! Such opportunity does not come often.

Basically you earn 12% per day for surfing a minimum of 12 sites for 12 days, giving you a total return of 144%. You will be paid on the 7th calendar day. If you refer, you can earn 12% per referral including your referrals’ subsequent upgrades. Recently, it’s max limit has been raised to a whopping $12,000 and potentially you can earn $17,280 in 19 days. This is the ultimate aim of all members I guess!

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Hi I am back!

Posted by Jackie R. on November 24, 2006

I am back to this blog more than 2 months of hiatus. Throwing to the back alleys of those unhappy events (FIG, EL9, 4DW roll of dishonours), I want to praise this wonderful program that I am in now. This company is the latest project of this group of Christian admins at ColonEndParenthesis (CEP). It is called CEP Coast.

I joined this program in early November and the site has paid me everyday without fail. The selling point of this site is that you can re-purchase adpacks daily meaning you are essentially compounding your account level. Each adpack will expire once it reaches 130%. This is the first site that comes out with the innovative profit-sharing model meaning it does not have a fixed daily rate. The whole concept is built upon longevity and stability and I have faith in the team of admins at CEP Coast. Based on the general response so far, CEP Coast looks set to be the top site for many months to come.

Come and see the power of compounding here at CEP Coast. 🙂 I just got to come back and raise from the ashes!

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