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Posted by Jackie R. on November 25, 2006

Run by the most respected man in autosurf industry, David Cannard, 12By12Daily is the current shining light amongst a myriad of autosurf sites each clamouring for attention. Over 1,500 pages at its MMG thread shows its popularity and importance. Facing some stuttering moments after its spectacular inception in July 2006, the site has stablised the course over the last 6 weeks. You have to give credits to David who turned it around amidst huge cynicism from the so called ‘experts’. Now its alexa ranking is climbing steadily and is on the track to reach the stellar heights of its predecessor, 12DailyPro. I give it a top ranking. Those who want to earn money online should not give it a miss! Such opportunity does not come often.

Basically you earn 12% per day for surfing a minimum of 12 sites for 12 days, giving you a total return of 144%. You will be paid on the 7th calendar day. If you refer, you can earn 12% per referral including your referrals’ subsequent upgrades. Recently, it’s max limit has been raised to a whopping $12,000 and potentially you can earn $17,280 in 19 days. This is the ultimate aim of all members I guess!


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