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Change of Terms for 12By12Daily

Posted by Jackie R. on November 27, 2006

A couple of changes have been made at 12By12Daily.

First, the payout time has been changed from 7 calendars day to “on or about the 7th WORKING day after the expiration of each Ad Pack”. Please refer here for the full update.

Second, members will have an “opportunity of purchasing a third upgrade package instead of the current two, in light of the fact that their payouts may be delayed by a day or so”. This 3rd upgrade has been enabled. Please refer here for the update.

I understand it is really difficult to satisfy over 35,000 demanding members. Most of them are quick to blame for any administrative delays which usually are the results of their own ignorance to disobey the stated instructions. More so at a site like 12By12Daily where Dave has put in a lot of effort to safeguard member’s account security. Most importantly is that the payouts are still carrying on without stop, although there could a couple of days of delays to allow him to check through the crooked accounts as well as he needs time offline to take care of his hospitalised wife. With that, I wish Dave’s wife for a speedy and healthy recovery.


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