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Posted by Jackie R. on November 27, 2006

Today I would like to introduce a site that is about 1 month old, called NextDay90. It is based on profit-sharing model that seems to sprout out in numbers since the inception of CEP Coast. Among a few of those, NextDay90 caught my attention. The admin, Jim, has been very active at MMG so far and been giving excellent admin support there. Plus the fact that the payouts have been done quickly and of course, the very high daily return rate make it a very attractive proposition for a test drive. I invested $20 into it.

Here is how this site works, taken from NextDay90 site.
NextDay90 is a premium advertising company which pays it’s advertisers to view advertisements. Paying people to view advertisements is a powerful and affordable way to increase traffic to your website and promote your business on the internet.

NextDay90 creates revenue by offering multiple advertising options.

*Main Page Banners
* Banner Rotations on Surfbar
* Pay to Click Banners
* Full Page Ads

To earn commisions from NextDay90 a advertiser must purchase full page advertising. Full page advertising is sold as Ad Units. An advertiser may purchase from 1-500 Ad Units. As a upgraded advertiser you may purchase an additional 1-500 Ad units but no more than 1000 Ad Units total. The cost to purchase one Ad Unit is $10. For this purchase, a advertiser will receivefifty (50) full page views of the site they submit.
Each view will be a duration of 15 seconds.
NextDay90’s surfbar is a 15 second manual surfbar. This ensures the advertiser is receiving maximum exposure to their site.

NextDay90 takes 90% of the revenue generated from the sale of these Ad Units each day and uses these funds to compensate their advertisers for viewing other advertisers sites. The other 10% of revenue is used for website promotion, hosting fees, website developement and administrative fees. The following is one example of how the daily Ad Unit Value isdetermined.

100 Ad Units are purchased=$1000
90% of $1000=$900
$900/100 Ad Units=$9.00 Ad Unit Value

The number of sites a advertiser must view to earn the daily Ad Unit Value is determined by the number of Ad Units they have purchased.

I will report more on this site in the next few coming days. 🙂 Stay tight on this cold rainy day.


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