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Posted by Jackie R. on November 29, 2006

The first day adpack return for Next90Day was a good 13.6%. This is the only profit sharing surf I am in other than CEP Coast and I take this as more of an experiment than serious venture. Apparently, a rather popular profit-sharing surf had just scammed with big amount of money. The name is DailyProfitShare. Beware of those new sites popping up now using Coast’s model!

There is a day or two of delay for the payments at 12By12Daily. The payments to date are at 19th Nov. I am waiting for the 20th payment for a referral. As long as the payments are coming, things here should be going smooth and up as usual.

Last few days at CEP Coast we have seen some lowest returns since the site was incepted in October. The latest we got is 2.17%. Admins here have been assuring us through their good customer service about the stability and self-balancing system Coast has got here. According to them, we should be seeing some up swings soon. Not to worry for me because I still continue to compound as usual although the rate could be slower due to the lower returns.

On another note, I have just installed Ubuntu Linux to my notebook today making it to dual boot with my current Windows XP Home. It is very new to me and I need time to pick it up. I have it in my system precisely because I have heard many rave reviews about this version of Linux and the apparent security of the operating system. The main gripe right now is that I am unable to make the wireless function to work here. The wireless NIC I have is Intel Pro 2200BG. Any idea?


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