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Frenzy At 12By12Daily

Posted by Jackie R. on December 5, 2006

Hi Everybody,
Let me apologise for the lack of communication over the last 48 hours. I have not been able to access the admin section of 12by12daily, This meant that I have been unable to process any payouts, and I have also been unable to send or receive emails.


About a week or so ago I announced that we would now allow upgrades up to a maximum of $12,000. Supporters of 12by12daily saw this as a positive step,however a few detractors decided this meant that 12by12daily had a cashflow problem. By airing their views in public, they have done untold damage to 12by12daily, and whilst we did not have a cashflow problem at that time, things are getting a bit tight now. Up until now, I have resisted the advice of my team to introduce a 50/50 rule, as I believed there were enough supporters of the program to ensure that was not necessary. Unfortunately this was not the case, and we have a situation whereby members with large investments can make a $6 upgrade then take their money and run. This can no longer continue. As of now, if you wish to cashout you must have a member level equal to 50% of your cashout amount. I realise this is very short notice and some members may find it difficult, so I will bend the new rules slightly for some members. If your upgrade expired on or before 24th November, and you do not qualify under the new rules, I will pay half of your cashout amount, and apply the other half to your account as a new free upgrade. These free upgrades will then need to be matched 100% in order to cash them out. (I will delay making payouts to those members for another 24 hours, in case they wish to upgrade, and therefore only need to match 50%) Upgrades expiring on the 25th or later will need to qualify under the new rules. I do apologise for any inconvenience caused to members by this sudden change, however, if we were to continue the way we were, the “hit and runners” would eventually destroy this opportunity. If you always upgrade with the same amount, or are using the 3x3x3 methond, these changes will not affect you. Whilst they may be unconfortable for some members, these rules will help 12by12daily to prosper for many months ahead, and in fact there is no good reason why it cannot last forever.

Payouts will recommence as soon as I have sent this email, and the new rules should ensure that they gradually become earlier and earlier, back to where we were, instead of the current trend of later and later. members with 2 pendings who have reverted to free will not need to email me, as I will be adding the free members to the payout list, and I will be able to pick you up without the need for an email.

For those members who delight in posting negative things in the forums, remember, this is your program. We got through a period of negative forum posts in the beginning, when we had some problems, and we will get through this, and as before, come out even stronger on the other side. I would remind those members that they agreed to the following paragraph when they joined, and will have their accounts suspended or deleted if they continue.

You agree not to engage in conduct which will undermine the success of this program. Such conduct includes, but is not limited to spreading negative opinions of 12by12daily on forums, false advertising, false information or feedback posted on monitoring sites or other sites.


I believe we have the most secure autosurf site on the net. However one of the problems with being the biggest is that it creates a challenge for the lowlifes of this world, who feel it is quite okay to hack into websites and steal other peoples money. Almost daily we have people attempting to access our site, and in most cases we are able to thwart them. One guy, in particular, who I will grudgingly admit is very good at his craft, has been able to access the site on 3 occassions. The measures we have in place have been able to keep any damage caused by him to a minimum, but we have had to take the admin area offline for the last 2 days to further tighten our security. This is why I have been unable to process payouts, or send and receive emails in that time. We have been able to find an approximate location for this guy, and the FBI also have all the information and it is only a matter of time before we are able to pinpoint him, and prosecute. The main issue is that he has been getting in through the banners file, and uploading some script that will change some members egold account numbers. This is also the reason that we have had major delays in fixing the accounts of those members who have used more than one egold account in the past. For some members, their first egold number is the correct one to pay to, but for others it is the last one. Our correction script will correct them all in one go, to either the first or last, but has no way of discerning which is the correct one. This has to be done manually. The banners have also been removed, as it is not possible to keep them, and block that security hole.

Thank you for listening, and your continued support.



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