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What is Spyware?

Posted by Jackie R. on December 7, 2006

Spyware defines a broad category of software which tries to spy your privacy or annoy you with advertisings. Spyware doesn’t destroy or manipulate files on your computer. Spyware only collects your personal information.

There are a few types of Spyware:

Adware describes Spyware which is included in programs as plugins to show ads. But besides showing harmless ads, it collects user relevant information without being asked. It sends the user information to a central server to maximize the advertising effect.

HiJackers are pieces of software which hijack other programs to use their rights or change their behaviour. HiJackers manipulate e.g. the browser’s search- and home-page defaults or redirect specific website request to other webservers.

PopUp Trojans
PopUp Trojans are Spyware programs which infiltrate your system and annoy you with popup advertisting windows and messages.


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