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NextDay90 Update

Posted by Jackie R. on December 8, 2006

Here the latest update:

Daily Cashouts are now available at NextDay90. If you have a minimum of $15 in your cash balance you may request a cashout. If you tried to use this function earier today I have credited your account back. You need to request a new cashout. I was not quite ready when the previous cashout request were made. Please read the FAQ section again just to refresh your memory. When you do your cashout, you will see a screen with cashout dollars for the month. If you requested a cashout earlier today it will show as part of the total. It will reset and be the correct total at the start of next month.

Please, as you get paid, make sure to take the time to vote at our Vote for Us links on our main page. With all the payments I am going to be making, if we all vote at the monitors it will move us right up the list. The more votes, the more members, the higher return percentages.

Thanks for everyone’s suggestions and I think we our offering a great product to this industry.

Thanks, Jim
Admin, NextDay90


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