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Paid by NextDay90

Posted by Jackie R. on December 9, 2006

Just to write that I have been paid for the first time by NextDay90 within 8 hours of request. This program is getting a lot of rave reviews at the forums and is a good alternative to the mainstay of
profit sharing models, CEP Coast.

At the same time, there is a delay of payments at 13DailyPro reportedly due to the fact that AlertPay, who acts as a middleman of E-Gold order from 13DailyPro, delays the process and is regarded as not proactive in resolving this issue for 13DP. I worry that this delay which is not the fault of 13DP, may cause a catastrophic chain of events that will result in a downward spiral of the reputation of the site as you know the fragility of this line nowadays to any sort of negativity.


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