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Closure of 12By12Daily

Posted by Jackie R. on December 19, 2006

I just came home in this rainy December afternoon, turned on my notebook and used my Roboform to start up http://www.12by12daily.net. Next I got a very big surpise which is the paragraphs before.

“Hi Everybody,

This is the hardest update I have ever had to write. 12by12daily is now closed. I have done everything in my power to keep both sites operating, but, at the end of the day, if theres is no money coming in, then there is nothing to pay out. Since the launch of 12by12daily I have been working up to 18 hours a day 7 days a week to make this a success……. “

This has been totally unexpected because I have been betting David will work up something to turn this around, after all, he had overcome various tough obstacles before. I guess he is fed up with the cloud of negativity of majority of people and an invisible community of online pariahs who is repeatedly trying to bring down his business.

In my opinion, he has done a credible job to run this business as long as it can and beelieve he had paid as much as he can. Many others may not believe what he said and mentioned that he scammed, however, as is the same as the acrimonious endings of many earlier autosurfs, I would like to mention that when you part with your money, you should not think that you have 100% chance of seeing it again as you have agreed by the Terms when you registered. You can cry foul, but this is still a gamble. Do you cry foul and scam when you lose at casinos? So with it and 13DailyPro, 2 of the best surf sites for the last 4 months, are now part of the autosurf history.



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