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Google disallows pictures beside Adsense

Posted by Jackie R. on December 20, 2006

Just received this news from forum that Google Adsense has disallowed the practice of placing images directly beside Adsense ads in order to draw attention from the site visitors to these ads because such associations may mislead the visitors to think that the image content may co-relate to the ads themselves and thus giving presenting “not a good experience for users or advertizers”.

Publishers can still place ads on pages with images but they must be placed in a way such that it will not mislead or confuse the visitors.

I have not used this strategy before so I think it is good that Google stems this out to prevent many more publishers from taking short cuts to earn higher adsense revenues and such practice will definitely lead to a deterioration of advertizing quality down the roads if it is not curbed now.

For the full update, please refer to the adsense blog.


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