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Why there is slow internet access today

Posted by Jackie R. on December 27, 2006

Internet is very slow at this part of the world today where I am based, Southeast Asia. The webpages load as if they were carrying some tons of data and in many instances, the process stops half way. I thought my computer was affected by some powerful trojans or malware.

Well, I did manage to gain access to some news articles which have reported that this sluggishness is not a localised issue in which the local ISP’s systems are at faults but due to the major earthquake in central-south Taiwan and that caused some damages to the underwater submarine cables. I am very sorry to hear Taiwan is hit by earthquakes as it is a country I like a lot. Well, it looks as if 26th December is inauspicious because natural disasters always seem to occur on this day.

At least I still managed to get this article posted.


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