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Looking for link exchanges for sites/blogs with PR4 or more ranking

Posted by Jackie R. on January 31, 2007

I am proud to announce this blog achieves consistent high rankings at Google search engine for some CEP-related keywords. It has been a fantastic experience after the effort put in to optimize this blog for CEP-related searches.

My blog is ranked PR4. Right now, I am looking for healthy and mutually beneficial link exchanges with sites or blogs with PR4 ranking or more related to make money online, SEO or online security subjects. I think I will add a section on link exchanges very soon to facilitate that. Do leave a message at comment section if you are keen. Thanks 🙂


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RSS – it’s getting hotter there each day.

Posted by Jackie R. on January 27, 2007

Traditionally, content searching has been solely dominated by search engines ever since the early days of internet development. I can still vividly remember Altavista is the brand name in search engines prior to the emergence of Google in late 90s. Altavista is still around today but seriously, I wonder how many people really use it. I tried a search there for one of my keywords and the SERP is so radically different from Google’s.

But the dominance of search engines for content syndication is about to be intruded by a rather new technology called RSS or Really Simple Syndication. It is really not that simple for newbies because I spent a lot of time learning it one year back. But I guess it is easier to be understood by newbies due to the growing popularity of blogs and the active adoption of RSS feeds by major content companies.

All bloggers can be considered as unofficial journalists. In fact successful bloggers have become the stars of internet because they have large following and that means highly monetized. They have large subscription of their RSS feeds. Every update they make are broadcast to thousands of subscribers and this may be exponential sometimes. With this it means it is a highly lucrative way of doing affiliate marketing because the basic trust is already established.

Everyone is giving a fair chance to be successful in blogging as long as you are determined and consistent. Partly this is made easier by the sheer number of RSS and blog directories. These directories can easily give your blog excellent traffic and exposure provided you have good content to syndicate. It is exactly this reason why the role is gradually focused on RSS and blog aspects and less emphasis is now on search engine optimization techniques. This gives rise to a new fancy term called RSS Search Engine Marketing or RSSEM. Have you heard of it before? I am seeing it more and more.

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1 post per day – that’s not difficult, isn’t it?

Posted by Jackie R. on January 27, 2007

Got to admit, many times before I started a new post, the couple of hours before I started any typing, there’s this kind of uneasy feeling about what to type today. It’s getting a bit gibberish due to the inner fear of lacking new fresh content for today. I wonder whether any avid bloggers have this type of feeling? Any expert bloggers can share how to overcome this kind of blogging blocks?

I know content is king to search engines, especially the almighty Google everyone is aiming at. Everyone in this SEO or serious blogging is absolutely crazy about the rankings in SERP and that magical pagerank number. Web2007 is currently at PR4, a jump from 0 to 4 in one single update. I consider it kind of achievement which I can be proud of. I have some other blogs in other topics which jump from 0 to 2 so you can sense the excitement for this one. I will definitely continue to strive on.

Well, when it comes to writing proper, somehow I just manage to clear the wandering mind and I told myself I got to type something sensible no matter how because everyday you live and survive so surely you got stuff to share. That will set a momentum and it will snowball to something strong in yourself. This is how you can be serious about blogging.

In conclusion, I set myself a target of posting at least 1 post per day. Because I want spiders to visit my blog all the time.

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If you like to diversify from CEP programs, I have a 2 options for you

Posted by Jackie R. on January 25, 2007

Well, if you have followed my posts so far, you would have noticed that I supported CEP earning programs like CEP Trust, Coastin’88 and CEP a lot. They are really the best no brainer programs that will make you good profits in 2007. I am very sure there is no need for diversification if you are in CEP programs. They are safe and somemore, they are working towards achieving zero risk, so good returns and low risks, isn’t this combination what everyone is dreaming all the time?

However, there is still a group of onliners who always believe in diversification. If you are in such a group and wish to diversify and searching for reliable programs as alternatives to CEP, I have 2 recommendations. Both are profit sharing advertizing programs and both have earned my trust.

The first one is called Nextday90. This excellent but under-rated program started around end of October 2006. The name of the admin is called Jim. His nickname in Moneymakersgroup is called happy1. Like all excellent admins, there is a lot of communications here in Nextday90. In fact, admin Jim has been providing great support at MMG. You can go to MMG thread to take a look. I am very impressed with his attitude and determination to make this a buzzing program after a very dull and dormant period in the program that threatened the existence of this site. There was at least 1 week with 0% returns at one stage. I thought it would be the end to be truthful. But Jim continued to pluck away with perserverance and right now, we are beginning to see some positive trends coming back again. With some incentives throwing in by Jim, I am quite sure things will be very positive soon. I shall not going into the program details, but I just say, if you want a good reliable site, this is one. Payouts are done everyday too in hours.

The second reliable program I wish to intro is called DesertSkyMarketing. I have already introduced this program earlier in this blog just when the site was about to be relaunched earlier this month. The site had really relaunched spectacularly. From 1/13 to 1/25, the daily return is at max of 10%! The admin Dustin has an excellent reputation in this line and has proved again he is really someone who does what he says. The momentum is strong here and do not miss it out if you are looking for good alternative. DesertSkyMarketing is the one to go for now!

In conclusion, these are 2 alternatives profit share sites I would recommend as you know I am still very apprehensive after some bad experiences in 2006. If you wish to diversify away from CEP programs, these 2 are good bets for you to consider.

Ermmmm…. by the way, what a surprise! I think web2007 has hit PR4!!! Are my eyes playing tricks on me?

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Practical top tips for blogging success

Posted by Jackie R. on January 24, 2007

After some research and exchanging tips with some more experienced internet marketers, I have listed a few pointers about how to attract more visitors to your blog. There are no right or wrong way really, it’s mostly lots of trials, experiments, reviews and repeat the process until you have reached the desired level. Here they are:

(A). Post as many fresh content posts as you can per day. Fill these posts with your specific keywords to target. But no keyword spammings please.

(B). Make full use of Yahoo! and Google Reader. Almost everyone with internet access on this planet has Yahoo and Google account I bet. When you have a content rich blog ready, submit its RSS feed to My Yahoo and Google Reader. It will be better if you can burn the feed first using feedburner as it allows you to monitor your feed popularity.Also it helps to get your blog indexed earlier by these 2 search engines.

(C). Also submit your blog to other relevant search engines like MSN, AOL, Altavista.

(D). Submit your content rich blog to the largest open directory online, dmoz.org for their approval.

(E). Submit your blog to as many RSS directories as possible. It is time consuming but you can make use of RSS submitter software to speed up the process.

(F). Leave relevant and appropriate comments at as many other related blogs as possible. I advise to focus more on high PR blogs but do not ignore those newer blogs with PR0 as you never know how high its PR will be in the future.

(G). Be more active in forums. There are forums about any topic. Try to post as many as you can and attach your posts with your blog signature as a relevant backlink. Be courteous in forums though so that others may not take you as a signature spam.

(H). Use social bookmarking sites like stumbleupon, del.icio.us, digg, furl, reddit, newsvine and so many others around. Search engines like Google spiders these sites very often as these are content paradise to them. Use tags to save your bookmarks here.

(I). Use track backs. If there is a blog that you refer to or quote and it is highly relevant to your subject, leave a track back. It increases your link popularity and may even score a few interested readers from the linked site.

(J). I nearly miss out blog directories. Submit your blog to as many blog directories as possible. Technorati is a must.

(K). Start your linking process. Contact relevant webmasters to trade reciprocal links. It will be even better if you can get one way links from other sites.

(L). Join networking sites like Ryze, LinkedIn or less formal ones like friendsters. You just need to sell your blog as much as you can if you are into serious blogging.

(M). Use your email signature that contains your blog URL.

(N). Word of mouth. Tell people your blog URL offline.

(K). Lastly, join traffic exchanges sites like TS25 and TrafficSwarm, profit sharing sites like CEP Coast and Coastin’88 and as many autosurfs as you can. You can earn good money from these and also allow your blog to gain more impressions. Remember one important thing, if your blog has adsense, DO NOT join what I mention in this tip as it is against Google terms.

That’s about all of the tricks I can think of now. Of course it is important too that you ping your blog everytime you have posted. You can use ping-o-matic for that. I understand it is quite impossible to do all, in fact, I have not yet done all too. If you can follow 80% of these here, I can assure you that your blog will receive decent amount of traffic daily. Remember this is not a fast process. You need to work on it gradually. Consistency and patience are the key here as is similar to many ventures around.

I wrote these very fast and I hope there aren’t many bad grammar mistakes. 😛

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Working hard to build up my in-bound links.

Posted by Jackie R. on January 21, 2007

Recently I have read a report that 90% of the people who use search engines do not go beyond the page 1 of the search result. 4 to 5% of the remaining bothers to access to page 2 while the remaining proportion bothers to go to page 3 and beyond. I did not have the link of that report and I can’t seem to find it therefore it can’t be shown here. However I think 90% is too high because I have constantly ventured beyond page 3 or more for my searches but pages beyond 2 really do not gain much of my attention much along to receive hits to the site.

This shows that for a site to be prominently noticed at search engine results page (SERP), you have to steer it at least to page 2. Failure to do it will deem your site to oblivion.

The most important way to rank well is of course through the intelligent use of keywords. If you are in a very competitive market, the keywords may be overwhelmingly tough to be optimized for your site. In this case, you may want to take a list of long tail keywords on the very same niche.

Another criteria is the number of in-bound links. To build up the number of in-bound links is a matter of time and this may take months to achieve your desired number of in-bound links. Look for sites in the same niche as yours and with higher pagerank when you are looking for in-bound links. To be successful in this aspect, you may need to first build up your site contents because other webmasters usually do not want to link to a site with barren content. I amworking hard to build up in-bound links at this moment because I wish to increase my blog’s pagerank and this is my main objective now. If you can persuade other webmasters to insert an anchor link ladden with your keywords at the linking sites, that is even more fantastic

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My blogs’ been sandboxed!

Posted by Jackie R. on January 20, 2007

A few days ago, I mentioned here that I set up a blog for a company’s product and that blog had some early SEO successes. It’s a great feeling I must say. With confidence from this success, I went on to set up two more blogs for two other products based on the new blogger platform. That went like a breeze too because the SERP showed those two blogs at page 1 and page 2 respectively after just 1 week. Do not regard me as SEO guru yet, it’s all about choosing the right strategic keyword that’s what the game is all about!

On Thurday afternoon, I ran a check for those 2 blogs. Now it came the shock, because blog A which had been in page 1 had gone completely missing. Checked the cache and index info, the blog was not there too. It just vanished from Google database! What is that and why?? Luckily blog B was still in page 2.

On Friday morning,  ran a check again and got another shock, blog B had gone missing too! Something must be steathily operating behind the scene there at Google. I went to a top internet marketing forum to post about my situation, and some of the experienced guys replied that my blogs could’ve been sandboxed by Google.

I had heard of this term sandbox before just that never expected it would come true (perhaps that normal human thinking, nah, it won’t happen to me, lol). By sandbox, it means Google has run a algorithm on their search engine database to weed up sites that shoot up the rankings too fast or managed to get huge number of in-bound links in short time and these sites will be obscured from the SERP to a ‘sandbox’. The purpose of this is of course to prevent sites spamming search engines and to preserve search integrity. Nothing can be done to get you out of sandbox.

Therefore I just have to continue to work on the content and linkings gradually so that when time’s up to release me from the ‘prison’, my blogs will again show up well in the SERP.

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Great Ways For Building Tons Of Backlinks

Posted by Jackie R. on January 18, 2007

One of the most important factors that influence the search engine ranking of your site is the number of backlinks you have. Almost every search engine takes the number of backlinks into account while evaluating and ranking your site in the SERPs. The number of backlinks is the most important factor for ranking well in Google. Have doubts? Just type the key phrase “click here” in Google and check the first site that shows up in the search results. It does not have the keyword “click here” in its title, nor in its description, its meta keywords and most surprisingly not even in the body of the content. Then why does it rank number one in Google out of 1,190,000,000 webpages that are there in the competition ? This is because at the time of writing this article, that very webpage has 1,150,000 backlinks pointing to it and all the links have the word “click here” as its anchor text.

In this article I’ll be sharing with you the secrets of attaining that much coveted place in the SERP through the creation of backlinks.

Ever wondered why backlinks are so very important in search engine rankings? Well, almost all the search engines, especially Google value websites that are rich in useful and informative content. And whenever a site places a link to your site, Google considers that link as a vote to your site. It feels that the other site has cast a vote in favor of your site because the content of your site is useful to its visitors. Hence, greater the number of votes, greater is the value that your site has from the search engine’s perspective. And if you are hankering for page rank, then creating backlinks is the only way to go. Backlinks help your website attain a higher search engine ranking and definitely helps to increase your page rank.

Ways to create backlinks:

Blogs – One of the best ways of creating one-way links for your site is through the posting of comments in blogs. Just include the URL of your site while posting comments in blogs and soon you will build a good many number of one-way links for your site.

Forums – Posting in forums is also an excellent way for building backlinks. But don’t post your URL directly in the discussion boards or else the spam busters would get you banned and removed from the forum. The best way to do it is through your signature. Include the URL of your site in your signature and then whenever you post a comment in the forum you will be leaving behind a link to your site along with your name.

Social Networks – Since the evolution of WEB2.0 social networking sites like Myspace, Friendster, Tagworld etc are the hottest zones on the Internet today. Millions of people visit these sites daily for making friends or for promoting their products or services. You may also register at such sites and post links to your site along with the comments that you make at your friend’s profile. In this way you may create large number of backlinks for your site.

Social Bookmarking – Social bookmarking is another area where you could create one-way links to your site. Just bookmark your sites in social bookmarking sites like Delicious and if your site is interesting enough, others will add your site to their list of bookmarked sites and soon you will garner a large number of one-way links for your site.

Articles– You may write articles on various topics and post them in article sites such as this one and include the URL of your site in the resource box or in the author’s bio section. There are many sites which frequently publish articles from various such article sites and along with the article they also publish the author’s bio which contains the link to your site. If your article is informative and intriguing, then it will soon be published in many other sites and newsletters. This way you will have a large number of backlinks pointing to your site.

Press Release– As soon as you some up with a new feature on your website, do a press release on it. Press releases are very efficient for website promotion and also for creating oodles of one-way links. Write a press release about any unique feature of your site and submit the release in various press release sites. Press release sites regularly syndicate their content through RSS and Atom feeds and many leading news sites fetch their content from all these press release sites. So you may expect a very good response from doing a single press release.

Directories – Submit you website in as many web directories as you can. These web directories attract a large number of visitors daily and so you may get a good number of visitors from such directories. Submission in directories also helps in building quality backlinks for your website. Consider submitting your website in leading web directories such as Dmoz.org

Link exchange – Though it is a very old method for building traffic and backlinks, link exchange still works. Exchange links with quality and relevant sites for building backlinks.

Always try to use your targeted keywords in the anchor text of your backlinks as search engines lay much emphasis on the anchor text of links pointing to your site.

The above mentioned methods will help you build umpteen number of backlinks for your site. But always remember that the content of your site is what really matters. Concentrate on making exceptionally good content and others will voluntarily link to your site.

Ron Jones is an active blogger and specializes in traditional website marketing and marketing through WEB 2.0 applications. He owns Myspace Zone, which specializes in Myspace Photo and Video Comments He also contributes at Myspace Comments, a blog run by his friend Michael.

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5 Essential Marketing Tools For Starting A Successful Internet Home Business

Posted by Jackie R. on January 16, 2007

web2007Lets start with this one cold hard fact: creating a successful Internet home business is not an easy task. It takes hard work and a whole lot of strategic planning. Anyone who tells you otherwise is probably trying to sell you something!

Building any solid business takes hard work and planning. Why should creating a successful business on the Internet be any different? Just because you’re dealing with computers and a world wide marketplace doesn’t mean it will be easy to construct and build a successful enterprise. It will take some work and effort on your part.

However, knowing what tools to use and some vital marketing knowledge will make your task much easier and much quicker. The Internet does have its own unique tools and methods which you should be familiar with before you start any web business. Complete knowledge of these marketing tools and information will greatly increase your chances of creating a successful Internet business.

1. Domain Name/Website

You must start with a Domain Name – most marketers either make their domain something catchy and short that visitors will quickly remember such as Digg.com, BestBuy.com, Yahoo!.com or they will directly tie in their main product or service in the domain such as Hotels.com, YouTube.com, Carloans.com and so on.

Your domain must be attached to a well designed and easy to navigate website. Preferably one that is professionally designed and equipped with all the commercial tools you need like a shopping cart and payment system. Like any business, you must try to accept all the major credit cards and display all the proper trust building icons such as ‘Better Business Bureau’…

Most professional online marketers keep graphics to a minimum and highlight their main benefit or product in a headline at the top of your webpage. You only have a few seconds to impress your prospective customer so summarize your whole site in one short benefit-loaded phrase or slogan. Be precise and direct in your presentation.

2. Keywords/SEO Strategy

Keywords, what surfers type into search engines to find what they’re seeking on the web, are the real cornerstones of any online website or business. You must find out the exact phrases and words people are using to find your product or service and target these keywords with your online site. Create pages and content on your site to draw in this targeted traffic. As a general rule, the more targeted your traffic/visitors are, the greater your conversion rate, i.e. the more sales you will make.

Professional online marketers do keyword research and a whole lot of testing to find the right high converting keywords that virtually guarantees sales. These marketers find the buyers at the right stage in the buying process, where customers already have their minds made up and are ready to buy. For example, someone searching for ‘cars’ is not as targeted as someone searching for ‘2007 Ford Mustang with Shelby GT exterior design’.

Savvy marketers use professional keyword research software such as Keyword Elite or use such sites as GoodKeywords or Overture (Yahoo! Search Marketing) to find the number of monthly searches for the keyword phrases they target with their sites. Many online businesses outsource their keyword/link building to SEO specialists who do this job for them. These firms develop a long term SEO strategy of building links to targeted keyword phrases, thus building a successful business in the process.

3. AutoResponder/Opt-in Lists

The AR or AutoResponder is one of the most essential tools to building a successful online business. You must set up an Opt-in system on your site to capture the contact information of your visitors, this will increase your traffic and dramatically improve your sales. It has been proven that it takes 5 to 6 follow-up emails before a customer buys your product or service.

It just makes good business sense. You must build a list of potential customers for your business. The AutoResponder makes this possible and is unique to the online world. You simply place a form on all your webpages to capture the name and email address of your visitors for further follow-up and contact. Instead of a surfer visiting your site just once, you draw them back again and again with special offers, deals or a daily/weekly newsletter.

The key element that makes the AutoResponder such a powerful marketing tool is trust! The Internet is still a very distrustful place. You simply use the AutoResponder and your follow-up system to build trust and a sense of loyalty from your potential customers. Once this trustful relationship is built, running a profitable business online will be easy.

4. RSS/Blog

Blogs and RSS feeds are essential online business tools. As we saw above, building a trustful relationship is very important to doing business online. Keeping an online Blog or daily journal is another way of building trust and keeping in contact with your customers or clients. Everyone likes to be a part of a group, a member of the club — having a company blog will help keep everyone a member of your business.

Blog and RSS feeds are a way to instantly connect with your visitors or customers. Podcasting and broadcatching (video casting) are excellent ways to more personally connect with your clients. Videos are all the rage right now and savvy marketers are using them in their advertising and marketing. Why should Google and YouTube had all the fun?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication, original acronym stood for Rich Site Summary) will get your sales message out to your customers quickly. With the upcoming release of the RSS powered Windows Vista expect RSS to play an even greater role in your whole Internet experience. Make sure you have at least one RSS feed on your online business site.

5. Articles/Syndication Software

People want information first, products second. Regardless of what you’re selling or the type of online business you want to create, always keep in mind potential customers want information first and then the sales pitch. Give people good solid information and they will more likely buy from you. You must pre-sell your online business or product.

One of the best ways to pre-sell is by using articles. Simple informative, how-to, 500-700 word articles on all aspects of your online business. Place these articles on your own site and syndicate them around the web by using article distribution software or by submitting to such online article directories as Ezinearticles.com, Goarticles.com, Ideamarketers.com and Articleally.com — make sure you place a link back to your online business within the resource box at the end of each article.

Articles are an effective way of drawing very targeted customers to your site or business. Each article is a marketing tool in its own right. Create a whole army of these articles and you will see a marked increase in online visitors and customers.

As mentioned before building a successful online business is not an easy task. It does take some strategic planning and a whole lot of marketing tools with the knowledge to use them properly. But anyone can create a successful home business with the right equipment and the right attitude. You now have some excellent starting points, the next step is really up to you.

The author, Titus Hoskin, is a full-time online marketer who has numerous niche websites, including two sites on Internet Marketing. For the latest and most effective web marketing tools try: Internet Marketing Tools If you’re trying to start a web business and don’t know where to begin, why not try these excellent free training manuals and videos: Free Marketing Courses Copyright © 2007 Titus Hoskins. This article may be freely distributed if this resource box stays attached.

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Put your lens on!

Posted by Jackie R. on January 15, 2007

It’s time to put your lens on and take a ride with our squid called Squidoo!

Squidoo is one of the hottest Web 2.0 social networking site at this time. It comes with a twist though. At Squidoo, you create your presence through a ‘lens’. In fact, squidoo is a website full of lenses and there are more than 50,000 at this moment of writing. The lens as the name implies, means the way or perspective or view of how you look at things. That can be anything from as simple as your creative cooking skills to something as unusual as how to be a dog psychic!

Lenses are free. You can create as many as you want at Squidoo at any topic that come to your mind and those ideas that you want the online community to know or learn from you. Once you register your Squidoo account, you will be asked to create a lens immediately. I will be creating a new lens now for CEP Coast because it is my favorite program at this moment and I wish more people to know more about it.

Once you have your lens created, you need to add some information to your lens. You can give a detailed description, place a photo, place a video or simply add new modules to your lens so that it is more interactive and informative to convey your information to your target mass. Of course, you need to input the keywords for your lens. We are at the age of tagging.

When you have added the necessary information to your lens, you can publish your lens. It will be your own unique sales page that can be shared by many people. How you are going to utilize your new powerful marketing tool is all up to your creativity and imagination!

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