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Social Bookmarking Sites

Posted by Jackie R. on January 2, 2007

One of the best examples of web 2.0 age is the deluge of the ‘social bookmarking’ sites. It is such a brilliant idea, simple yet innovative! In the past and still now, when you come across a favourite site, you just use your browser’s ‘Bookmark’ or ‘Favorites’ feature to record the URL’s for your subsequent and future viewings. Each person has their own list of bookmarks for their own surfing preference.

Now enter social bookmarking. Instead of bookmarking at your local browser, you simply stores your bookmarks in a social bookmarking site. To store your bookmark, you use the concept of ‘tagging’. A bookmark can be described using a few descriptive tags which are some sort of keywords that define your bookmark. This is very powerful because, other social bookmarkers may also use the same tags to record their bookmarks.

Through this process, there will be a huge database of tags created as a result and therefore it has also created right ingredients for an effective search engine. In the past, search engines will crawl millions of sites for fresh content but now with social bookmarkings, there is a more personal touch to the search process via social bookmarking sites because these tags are what people are actually looking or surfing for.

As a search engine optimizer, social bookmarking is new tool I use to promote my web sites. Let say I want to promote my blog, I will go to various social bookmarking sites and save my blog URL there with relevant tags. For example, let say I have a blog that is about gardening, my tags could be ‘gardening flowers plants trees hobby’, and thus if someone happens to seach for ‘gardening+hobby’, my blog will show up in the search results. Isn’t this wonderful way of attracting more traffic to your site?

Through social bookmarking, the index rate of the sites could be much faster compared to waiting for the crawl of the normal search engines. This is because the bookmarking sites are indexed heavily by Google, MSN and Yahoo as there is a lot of new contents all the time here.

But you should not spam these bookmarking sites too as to be a successful bookmarker, you need to supply good quality original content. Content that is going to be searched for and will solve a problem the searcher has. There is no point bookmarking content that no one wants. Spamming has become a major problem, but social bookmarking is controlled by it’s users. If the content you plan to bookmark is plain spam, the users of the bookmarking web site will just ignore it and move on. Your content will wither away and eventually be dropped out of the social bookmarking web site index.

If you social bookmark properly and supply good quality content, you can expect to gain dozens of quality back links as other bookmarkers, bookmark your content. This technique is a popular tool for successful search engine optimization and the best feature of social bookmarking is that it is free to use. I have not come across any social bookmarking web site that charges the user to use their facility.

Some of the popular social bookmarking sites I use are del.icio.us, stumbleupon, furl and digg. There are many more out there and I know more will be coming out in 2007. Remember please tag with good content.


2 Responses to “Social Bookmarking Sites”

  1. I just started using them, but haven’t seen any increase yet, but it’s only been a week.

  2. Jackie R. said

    Some of my own experience! 🙂 I find digg more effective than any others. I started a new blog at the beginning of this week with less than 5 posts at this moment. I social bookmarked it to digg with the keyword at the title post and also keyword in the description section. It went into the Google engine at top of page 4. Of course another reason why it is fast is because I used blogspot which is Google’s. Page 4 is not that great but i am happy for a new blog. I expect it to grow higher as I try to use the keyword as much as I can at appropriate places.

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