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Driving extra traffic to your sites/blogs via Ryze

Posted by Jackie R. on January 9, 2007

Ryze is an excellent business networking site with many thousands of members. I suppose you have heard of it. Actually I have a membership there for more than 3 years but somehow I just did not make full use of it until I discovered extra amount of traffic can be generated from there.

When you register for a Ryze membership, you need to fill in your profile, site, blog, wants, haves and most importantly your sales pitch. You can use the in built html box to write a detailed sales page that best describes your background and your expertise. Remember to use graphics strategically so that your visitors won’t be bored by the text. Of course, you should add backlinks to your sites or blogs and if your sales pitch is appealing, visitors will naturally click on your link and go to your sites you have listed there in Ryze.

You can use the search functions there for find right-minded people who similarly have their wants and haves so that you guys can link up to form network. If you prefer, you can join the existing contact networks that cover wide ranging number of topics around. If you link and network well enough, you should gain more traffic to your site. If you ‘ryze’ consistently, very soon your network will be growing in numbers and your site hit rate should increase too.

From my own recent experience, you should encounter an extra 5 to 10 visitors per day at least to your website if you do it well. To me this is a good returns as these visitors are very targeted.


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