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DesertSky Marketing Relaunch

Posted by Jackie R. on January 10, 2007


New Profit Share Model

This is the relaunch of the autosurf that went rather well for about a couple of months sometime in September / October 2006. I can’t recall what is the exact reason for closing in the first place but the admin, Dustin, has promised refunds and the site started off owing 500 members and have paid in full (plus profit) 307 members. The remaining refunds will be carried out when the relaunch starts.

The new DSM will be a profit sharing site with the following features:

  • Daily Cashouts & Daily Payments!
  • ZERO upgrade/cashout fees (processor fees may apply if DSM is charged to receive funds)
  • Ad Packs expire at 120%
  • Viewing commissions = 2% – 10% per day
  • 4% referral commissions!
  • Special Profit Boosters! Special Raffles and Bonuses! E-Gold, AlertPay, CEPtrust
  • 100% of advertising revenue, raffles, and outside profit is shared with the members!
  • 100% of unused referral commissions are shared with the members!
  • TOTAL control of our income and profits.

From what I read Dustin is an excellent admin who does his best to sustain and pay the members. He conducts support at MoneyMakerGroup forum too. The verdict is, it is worth the risks to upgrade your account at DSM. The site will commence business proper on Jan 12 but it is opened for member registration now.


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