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It is easy to get first page ranking in Google for blogger!

Posted by Jackie R. on January 11, 2007

For the past 2 weeks or so, I have been spending my time working on the SEO for a company that has contracted me to be their SEO consultant. The project is about all blogging, content management and SEO. The main objective of the company is to set up a blog to defuse some negative comments about their products through the new blog. They want it to be at the first page really fast so that sites with negative comments listed at the page 1 of Google can be pushed down the rankings. That’s the gist of the project.

I recommended to them to use blogger platform if they wanted it to be fast. Yes, blogs hosted on blogger platforms get indexed very fast. This is logical since it is owned by the big G. The blog with just 3 posts with good contents is already indexed within 1 week. I also told them to provide me with a lot of excellent contents about their products and customers’ testimonies so that I can derive specific main and secondary keywords to be used at the blog.

Frantic blogging and content updating followed and together with the RSS/Feedburner combination, I submitted the blog to as many blog directories as I can through the RSS submitter software and also adviced the company employees to subscribe to the various RSS feeds so that backlinks can come to the blog. At the same time, I did my best to contact various authority blogs to see if they can link but so far there isn’t much success in this area. Guess the blog is new and PR is zero that’s why.

Social bookmark sites are great tools too. I find that digg is more effective the del.icio.us but both are must haves! 2007 will surely see many more social bookmark sites sprouting everywhere. Some will be authoritative while some will simply stagnant, and that’s inevitable. There will have mini search engines everywhere besides the major search engines.

With these efforts done, the blog finally pushes to number 9 in the first page! I am satisfied but I expect it to go all the way to number 1 soon if I continue to work on what I am doing now. The main priority now is to increase the PR so that I can build good linkings.

Any SEO experts out there can give me some furthur tips and ideas so that I can improve? πŸ™‚


4 Responses to “It is easy to get first page ranking in Google for blogger!”

  1. neolithic said

    Hi Jackie, Fantastic article. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

    Pagequest article directory

  2. Jackie said

    Hi Neolithic, or Ray? πŸ™‚

    I will surely sign up for your article site.

    Keep up the great work!


  3. Neolithic said

    Hi Jackie, Can you suggest any good ways to get my new site higher up in the search engines such as Google?


    Adsense Info Center

  4. Jackie R. said

    Hi Neo,

    Good to see you again. Have you submitted your blog to technorati yet? That’s the place to be for blogs. Search spiders go there often. I use digg and del.icio.us too.

    All the best.

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