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Marketing Through MySpace

Posted by Jackie R. on January 14, 2007

When it comes to social networking, the first name that catches our mind is Myspace. With nearly 120 million users, 15 million daily unique logins, 230,000 daily sign-ups and 30 billion monthly page views, it is undoubtedly the king of all the social networking sites. What started off in July 2003 with 2 friends, Tom and Chris, has morphed into a phenomenon which is storming the whole World Wide Web.

With myspace’s growing success, a lot of ancillary websites also mushroomed all over the net trying to join the success-ride of myspace. Websites providing myspace layouts, graphics, comment boxes and other various widgets were soon seen all over the internet and they also got their much anticipated success through providing such stuff. Even corporate biggies also signed up at Myspace to promote their products, services or their company as a whole.

So how do you promote your products and services through Myspace? There are quite a few ways you could do that. Let’s have a look at them !

1.Create a profile with your company name and logo and design it neatly. Try to stay away from flashy graphics. Maintain the theme and respect of your company.

2.For effective promotion of your products or services, you’ll need to have a really big list of friends. You can easily build up your friend list through myspace friend trains or what is commonly known as myspace whore trains. You can join such trains and very soon you’ll start getting new friend requests.

3.Make custom banners for your profile with your product images and blurbs. Put these images on your profile. The best thing would be to make banners having the image of your product and having messages like Thanks for the add, How are you doing?, Have a great day etc. In this way you’re both wishing your friends and promoting your product at the same time.

4.Post bulletins often, this way you can reach out to your entire friend list at one single click. For effective conversions from bulletin postings you’ll need to have a BIG friend list. But don’t overdo the bulletins or don’t advertise your products profoundly or else you may find your profile deleted. Do it in a subtle and clever way.

5.Myspace is a social networking site and just like in any other society, in order to make new friends and build up credibility, you’ll have to socialize. Make new friends and stay in touch with the old ones. Post comments frequently, wish your friends on their birthdays or any other personal milestones or big events. Participate in the forum discussions and group discussions. In this way, you’ll make a good number of friends and your friends will like you and eventually accept whatever products or services you recommend to them. Don’t just be an out-and-out advertiser. Try to be a friend at first and then give out friendly suggestions. That would be accepted much more easily and you’ll reap good benefits from your efforts.

Remember that myspace is very strict about spam so don’t overdo things that might trigger the myspace spam busters or else you may find your profile deleted from myspace. Take a friendly approach and don’t try to push your products on myspace. We all love suggestions, not orders !!

Ron Jones is an active blogger and also specializes in traditional website marketing and marketing through WEB 2.0 applications. He owns Myspace Zone, which specializes on Myspace Photo and Video Comments


2 Responses to “Marketing Through MySpace”

  1. Thanks for an excellent posting Ron.

    These are all excellent suggestions. At my membership site “MySpace Mastership”, I go in depth into many of these subjects and I agree with your recommendations that one needs to strike a balance and maintain a friendly attitude.

    I will definitely be checking out MySpace Zone and I invite you to check out my web site at http://www.myspacemastership.com/

    Your kingdom awaits!

    Your friend,

    His Mastership
    George Levy

  2. Toby said

    Ron – excellent summary. What you reinforce in most of your tips, and people seem to forget, is that using MySpace as a marketing strategy is more than just putting up the page. It takes some time to build (and monitor) Friends (even with trains), drop comments and to send out those bulletins on a regular but not obnoxious basis. That said, with the membership alone and the additional touchpoint companies should at least explore MySpace .. and on to Second Life!

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