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My blogs’ been sandboxed!

Posted by Jackie R. on January 20, 2007

A few days ago, I mentioned here that I set up a blog for a company’s product and that blog had some early SEO successes. It’s a great feeling I must say. With confidence from this success, I went on to set up two more blogs for two other products based on the new blogger platform. That went like a breeze too because the SERP showed those two blogs at page 1 and page 2 respectively after just 1 week. Do not regard me as SEO guru yet, it’s all about choosing the right strategic keyword that’s what the game is all about!

On Thurday afternoon, I ran a check for those 2 blogs. Now it came the shock, because blog A which had been in page 1 had gone completely missing. Checked the cache and index info, the blog was not there too. It just vanished from Google database! What is that and why?? Luckily blog B was still in page 2.

On Friday morning,  ran a check again and got another shock, blog B had gone missing too! Something must be steathily operating behind the scene there at Google. I went to a top internet marketing forum to post about my situation, and some of the experienced guys replied that my blogs could’ve been sandboxed by Google.

I had heard of this term sandbox before just that never expected it would come true (perhaps that normal human thinking, nah, it won’t happen to me, lol). By sandbox, it means Google has run a algorithm on their search engine database to weed up sites that shoot up the rankings too fast or managed to get huge number of in-bound links in short time and these sites will be obscured from the SERP to a ‘sandbox’. The purpose of this is of course to prevent sites spamming search engines and to preserve search integrity. Nothing can be done to get you out of sandbox.

Therefore I just have to continue to work on the content and linkings gradually so that when time’s up to release me from the ‘prison’, my blogs will again show up well in the SERP.


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