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Working hard to build up my in-bound links.

Posted by Jackie R. on January 21, 2007

Recently I have read a report that 90% of the people who use search engines do not go beyond the page 1 of the search result. 4 to 5% of the remaining bothers to access to page 2 while the remaining proportion bothers to go to page 3 and beyond. I did not have the link of that report and I can’t seem to find it therefore it can’t be shown here. However I think 90% is too high because I have constantly ventured beyond page 3 or more for my searches but pages beyond 2 really do not gain much of my attention much along to receive hits to the site.

This shows that for a site to be prominently noticed at search engine results page (SERP), you have to steer it at least to page 2. Failure to do it will deem your site to oblivion.

The most important way to rank well is of course through the intelligent use of keywords. If you are in a very competitive market, the keywords may be overwhelmingly tough to be optimized for your site. In this case, you may want to take a list of long tail keywords on the very same niche.

Another criteria is the number of in-bound links. To build up the number of in-bound links is a matter of time and this may take months to achieve your desired number of in-bound links. Look for sites in the same niche as yours and with higher pagerank when you are looking for in-bound links. To be successful in this aspect, you may need to first build up your site contents because other webmasters usually do not want to link to a site with barren content. I amworking hard to build up in-bound links at this moment because I wish to increase my blog’s pagerank and this is my main objective now. If you can persuade other webmasters to insert an anchor link ladden with your keywords at the linking sites, that is even more fantastic


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