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Practical top tips for blogging success

Posted by Jackie R. on January 24, 2007

After some research and exchanging tips with some more experienced internet marketers, I have listed a few pointers about how to attract more visitors to your blog. There are no right or wrong way really, it’s mostly lots of trials, experiments, reviews and repeat the process until you have reached the desired level. Here they are:

(A). Post as many fresh content posts as you can per day. Fill these posts with your specific keywords to target. But no keyword spammings please.

(B). Make full use of Yahoo! and Google Reader. Almost everyone with internet access on this planet has Yahoo and Google account I bet. When you have a content rich blog ready, submit its RSS feed to My Yahoo and Google Reader. It will be better if you can burn the feed first using feedburner as it allows you to monitor your feed popularity.Also it helps to get your blog indexed earlier by these 2 search engines.

(C). Also submit your blog to other relevant search engines like MSN, AOL, Altavista.

(D). Submit your content rich blog to the largest open directory online, dmoz.org for their approval.

(E). Submit your blog to as many RSS directories as possible. It is time consuming but you can make use of RSS submitter software to speed up the process.

(F). Leave relevant and appropriate comments at as many other related blogs as possible. I advise to focus more on high PR blogs but do not ignore those newer blogs with PR0 as you never know how high its PR will be in the future.

(G). Be more active in forums. There are forums about any topic. Try to post as many as you can and attach your posts with your blog signature as a relevant backlink. Be courteous in forums though so that others may not take you as a signature spam.

(H). Use social bookmarking sites like stumbleupon, del.icio.us, digg, furl, reddit, newsvine and so many others around. Search engines like Google spiders these sites very often as these are content paradise to them. Use tags to save your bookmarks here.

(I). Use track backs. If there is a blog that you refer to or quote and it is highly relevant to your subject, leave a track back. It increases your link popularity and may even score a few interested readers from the linked site.

(J). I nearly miss out blog directories. Submit your blog to as many blog directories as possible. Technorati is a must.

(K). Start your linking process. Contact relevant webmasters to trade reciprocal links. It will be even better if you can get one way links from other sites.

(L). Join networking sites like Ryze, LinkedIn or less formal ones like friendsters. You just need to sell your blog as much as you can if you are into serious blogging.

(M). Use your email signature that contains your blog URL.

(N). Word of mouth. Tell people your blog URL offline.

(K). Lastly, join traffic exchanges sites like TS25 and TrafficSwarm, profit sharing sites like CEP Coast and Coastin’88 and as many autosurfs as you can. You can earn good money from these and also allow your blog to gain more impressions. Remember one important thing, if your blog has adsense, DO NOT join what I mention in this tip as it is against Google terms.

That’s about all of the tricks I can think of now. Of course it is important too that you ping your blog everytime you have posted. You can use ping-o-matic for that. I understand it is quite impossible to do all, in fact, I have not yet done all too. If you can follow 80% of these here, I can assure you that your blog will receive decent amount of traffic daily. Remember this is not a fast process. You need to work on it gradually. Consistency and patience are the key here as is similar to many ventures around.

I wrote these very fast and I hope there aren’t many bad grammar mistakes. 😛


9 Responses to “Practical top tips for blogging success”

  1. dimanomarketing said

    Great post. Thanks for the input. We put together a list of 99 additional ways to increase visibility. Check it out at:


    List includes:
    # 1. Launch an influential blog to build up your profile.
    # 2. Go niche and dominate. If you’re going to try to leverage a company blog into traffic, links, and reputation development for your primary site, your efforts will be far more successful if you become the authority in a smaller niche, rather than one among many in a broader topic.
    # 3. Don’t waste time reinventing the wheel. Remember that blogging for branding is a tool to get new customers, so it’s only worthwhile if blogging doesn’t take so much time that you can’t concentrate on your central business. So save time by simplifying your blogging by using these 50 blogging resources.
    # 4. Create stars out of your audience. Everyone loves flattery. So if your goal is to develop a reputation as an expert in a particular field, start by doing profiles of the other webmasters and sites in your niche. By giving some positive but fair press to others in your niche, you can quickly develop a reputation as a person in the know. For a couple of good examples, you can check out the BlogNetworkWatch, which covers the blog network industry, and Peter Csathy, CEO of SightSpeed software, and his Digital Media Update. It’s about the industry, not the company.
    # 5. Mix your off-line personality with your online world. Straight-laced professionalism is so passe. Throw some of your personal life/ flair into your blogging to give your site personality and start developing your own brand. But keep in mind that the brand you develop through your blog will carry over to your primary site. So don’t go so informal that you discredit your products or service.
    # 6. Respect yourself, it’s contagious. Treat your work as authoritative if you want others to. That means citing your past articles in your current ones, mentioning work you’ve done on related topics whenever interviewed, etc.
    # 7. Target your audience geographically. Despite the huge numbers that accessing the world community through the internet can bring, targeting your product or service to a particular geography, where applicable, can be a great way to help carve out a particular niche for your blog and brand it as the destination site for people in that region.
    # 8. Concentrate on one domain, not 10. A lot of people think that developing a strong brand means keeping your site extremely narrow in topic scope. As a result, they decide they’ll need 10 sites to cover all their related topics rather than just one. But ‘branding’ means much more than being narrow in focus. So get the full benefit of all your marketing and promotion efforts by focusing on one slightly broader domain rather than breaking your topic into 10 blogs.
    # 9. Host a carnival. Hosting a blog carnival, or to a lesser extent just joining in on one of dozens already in your niche, is a great way to get some exposure and establish your site as a central player in the niche.
    # 10. Guest blog and have others guest author on your site. No one can resist the offer of free quality content. So write other bloggers in your niche and ask to be a guest blogger anytime they go on vacation or just need a couple of days off. In addition, when you have other bloggers write on your blog, they’ll be sure to mention their cameo on their own blog, bringing some new readers to your site.
    # 11. Choose your company name carefully. Before incorporating, stop by a domain registrar and check that an associated domain name is available. Also ask a wide array of people what the first thing they think of when they hear the name is. Often niche insiders will give a very different answer than people who’ve never heard of your niche before. If you hope to attract both, you will need a name that is attractive to a broad spectrum of users.
    # 12. Secure your brand throughout all top level domains. Your brand should be untouchable, so secure it by purchasing your company domain name across all the major top level domains (TLDs) such as .com, .net, .info, .org, .biz etc. Failing to do so leaves the door open for competitors/ imposters to damage your brand uniformity.
    # 13. Use e-press releases. Press releases are great for branding, as they show up well in search engine searches for your company name. Sometimes even bloggers will republish them, building automatic links to your site. If you’ve never done a press release, consider starting at PR Leap, which receives and publishes online press releases from some 20,000 companies and provides free basic accounts. For a quick primer on press releases, see Taming the Beast. Also read how KFC made their brand visible from space. Some other distribution options are clickpress, prweb, prnewswire, prminds, sourcewire, and marketwire…..

  2. Shirlene said

    Hi – thanks for this. I have to work a lot harder on getting my blog http://www.ifyawant.com out there, and will follow all of the tips you have suggested. I haven’t joined any forums, so shall do so… Shirlene

  3. Jackie R. said

    Thanks for your excellent information, dimanomarketing. Quest for knowledge will never stop for us. Wish you success!

  4. Jackie R. said

    Hi Shirlene,

    Thanks for your comments. There’s really no right and wrong here. Techniques are constantly evolving at speed. Being creative is the best to forge ahead in this game.

    All the best!

    Jackie 🙂

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