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If you like to diversify from CEP programs, I have a 2 options for you

Posted by Jackie R. on January 25, 2007

Well, if you have followed my posts so far, you would have noticed that I supported CEP earning programs like CEP Trust, Coastin’88 and CEP a lot. They are really the best no brainer programs that will make you good profits in 2007. I am very sure there is no need for diversification if you are in CEP programs. They are safe and somemore, they are working towards achieving zero risk, so good returns and low risks, isn’t this combination what everyone is dreaming all the time?

However, there is still a group of onliners who always believe in diversification. If you are in such a group and wish to diversify and searching for reliable programs as alternatives to CEP, I have 2 recommendations. Both are profit sharing advertizing programs and both have earned my trust.

The first one is called Nextday90. This excellent but under-rated program started around end of October 2006. The name of the admin is called Jim. His nickname in Moneymakersgroup is called happy1. Like all excellent admins, there is a lot of communications here in Nextday90. In fact, admin Jim has been providing great support at MMG. You can go to MMG thread to take a look. I am very impressed with his attitude and determination to make this a buzzing program after a very dull and dormant period in the program that threatened the existence of this site. There was at least 1 week with 0% returns at one stage. I thought it would be the end to be truthful. But Jim continued to pluck away with perserverance and right now, we are beginning to see some positive trends coming back again. With some incentives throwing in by Jim, I am quite sure things will be very positive soon. I shall not going into the program details, but I just say, if you want a good reliable site, this is one. Payouts are done everyday too in hours.

The second reliable program I wish to intro is called DesertSkyMarketing. I have already introduced this program earlier in this blog just when the site was about to be relaunched earlier this month. The site had really relaunched spectacularly. From 1/13 to 1/25, the daily return is at max of 10%! The admin Dustin has an excellent reputation in this line and has proved again he is really someone who does what he says. The momentum is strong here and do not miss it out if you are looking for good alternative. DesertSkyMarketing is the one to go for now!

In conclusion, these are 2 alternatives profit share sites I would recommend as you know I am still very apprehensive after some bad experiences in 2006. If you wish to diversify away from CEP programs, these 2 are good bets for you to consider.

Ermmmm…. by the way, what a surprise! I think web2007 has hit PR4!!! Are my eyes playing tricks on me?


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