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1 post per day – that’s not difficult, isn’t it?

Posted by Jackie R. on January 27, 2007

Got to admit, many times before I started a new post, the couple of hours before I started any typing, there’s this kind of uneasy feeling about what to type today. It’s getting a bit gibberish due to the inner fear of lacking new fresh content for today. I wonder whether any avid bloggers have this type of feeling? Any expert bloggers can share how to overcome this kind of blogging blocks?

I know content is king to search engines, especially the almighty Google everyone is aiming at. Everyone in this SEO or serious blogging is absolutely crazy about the rankings in SERP and that magical pagerank number. Web2007 is currently at PR4, a jump from 0 to 4 in one single update. I consider it kind of achievement which I can be proud of. I have some other blogs in other topics which jump from 0 to 2 so you can sense the excitement for this one. I will definitely continue to strive on.

Well, when it comes to writing proper, somehow I just manage to clear the wandering mind and I told myself I got to type something sensible no matter how because everyday you live and survive so surely you got stuff to share. That will set a momentum and it will snowball to something strong in yourself. This is how you can be serious about blogging.

In conclusion, I set myself a target of posting at least 1 post per day. Because I want spiders to visit my blog all the time.


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