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RSS – it’s getting hotter there each day.

Posted by Jackie R. on January 27, 2007

Traditionally, content searching has been solely dominated by search engines ever since the early days of internet development. I can still vividly remember Altavista is the brand name in search engines prior to the emergence of Google in late 90s. Altavista is still around today but seriously, I wonder how many people really use it. I tried a search there for one of my keywords and the SERP is so radically different from Google’s.

But the dominance of search engines for content syndication is about to be intruded by a rather new technology called RSS or Really Simple Syndication. It is really not that simple for newbies because I spent a lot of time learning it one year back. But I guess it is easier to be understood by newbies due to the growing popularity of blogs and the active adoption of RSS feeds by major content companies.

All bloggers can be considered as unofficial journalists. In fact successful bloggers have become the stars of internet because they have large following and that means highly monetized. They have large subscription of their RSS feeds. Every update they make are broadcast to thousands of subscribers and this may be exponential sometimes. With this it means it is a highly lucrative way of doing affiliate marketing because the basic trust is already established.

Everyone is giving a fair chance to be successful in blogging as long as you are determined and consistent. Partly this is made easier by the sheer number of RSS and blog directories. These directories can easily give your blog excellent traffic and exposure provided you have good content to syndicate. It is exactly this reason why the role is gradually focused on RSS and blog aspects and less emphasis is now on search engine optimization techniques. This gives rise to a new fancy term called RSS Search Engine Marketing or RSSEM. Have you heard of it before? I am seeing it more and more.


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