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Looking for link exchanges for sites/blogs with PR4 or more ranking

Posted by Jackie R. on January 31, 2007

I am proud to announce this blog achieves consistent high rankings at Google search engine for some CEP-related keywords. It has been a fantastic experience after the effort put in to optimize this blog for CEP-related searches.

My blog is ranked PR4. Right now, I am looking for healthy and mutually beneficial link exchanges with sites or blogs with PR4 ranking or more related to make money online, SEO or online security subjects. I think I will add a section on link exchanges very soon to facilitate that. Do leave a message at comment section if you are keen. Thanks 🙂


3 Responses to “Looking for link exchanges for sites/blogs with PR4 or more ranking”

  1. Venture Skills Team said

    You might like to have a look at my personal blog http://www.timnash.me.uk it’s a PR4 site though PR is more or less irrelevant, have a look here for a typical reciprocal link, I tend to scatter them among my Tim Nash identity posts, where they are most relevant

  2. Jackie R. said

    Hi Tim,

    Yes PR number is outdated however a high number is something most of us web admins are craving for. It’s a feel good I guess. Well, I’ll be glad to exchange links with you. I have dropped you an email with the details. Check out your link at my blogroll. Hope it’s okay with you.

    Jackie R.

  3. Venture Skills Team said

    Haven’t got the link yet, but have added you via a quick post.
    Let me know if you want anything changing my email is t.nash at venture-skills dot co dot uk

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