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Getting Inbound Links to Your Website

Posted by Jackie R. on February 25, 2007

One of the oldest and best ways to increase your search engine rankings and get visitors to your website is from inbound links. The importance of inbound links to your website will most likely never diminish. It’s no secret that search engines, especially Google, value quality inbound links to a website for higher rankings. However, these days the emphasis is not on the quantity of links, instead it is on quality. A couple dozen links to your site from related, high quality, authority sites are much more valuable to a search engine than hundreds of low quality links you obtained by exchanging with anyone that would say yes.

Before I tell you how to get quality inbound links to your website, I feel I should mention something you should definitely NOT do to obtain inbound links. Never participate in an automated link exchange program. These programs are useless. They don’t benefit you because you will be automatically exchanging with all sorts of low quality and unrelated sites. The search engines may even penalize your site for links obtained this way. Even manual link exchanges do not carry nearly as much weight as they once did.

However, manual link exchanges are not totally dead so if you do decide to do some “old fashioned” link exchanges, be sure you don’t exchange with sites where your link will be placed on a page with hundreds of other links and make sure the page your link is on is linked from their home page. Again it’s important to remember you only want to exchange with quality sites related to yours.

Now I will talk about my number one strategy for getting inbound links. And that strategy is… (drum roll please)… To write and submit articles related to your website niche. Be sure to have a resource box at the end of each article. Your resource box should mention a little about your expertise on the subject and have link to your website. If you write good, informative articles then other people will want to repost them on their websites. This will give you an inbound link for the search engines and also a link for human visitors to follow. It’s a win/win situation. And for the most part only people who have websites in your niche will repost your articles, so the inbound links you are getting are also relevant. Article marketing is nothing new or revolutionary but it does work and works very well.

Now here are some tips for increasing your inbound links by writing and distributing articles…

* Be sure to write original articles. If you purchase private label rights to articles, rewrite them to make them unique before submitting.

* If you are having a hard time getting started on an article all you have to do is search article directories for other articles on your topic. Find a few that you like and use ideas from them to write a new article in your own words. Remember, you can’t just copy another article. That is copyright violation. And it won’t be unique anyway so it won’t do much for you.

* If you are good at writing with a little humor then you might want to use that skill when writing articles. Humor is very powerful and can attract a lot of readers.

* Once you have a completely original article written, find a few quality websites in your niche and offer them your article for free with your resource box attached. You are not asking for a link exchange, you are simply giving away your informative article for free to selected sites.

* After you have a few good articles on a topic you should compile them into an ebook. Place a short author bio at the end of the ebook with a link to your website and allow other site owners in your niche to give it away free to their visitors. They can give it away as a “thank you” for signing up for their newsletter, as a gift for visiting their site, as a free bonus for purchasing their product or any other way they want to give it away. Once your ebook gets into a few people’s hands it will be passed around more and more, thus giving you inbound links and a boost of traffic to your site.

* Submit your articles to a few of the top article directories. When doing this you aren’t so much doing it for the inbound link from the directory itself. Of course, that link doesn’t hurt but the main reason for submitting to these directories is to get your article in front of other website owners who will republish it on their sites. Two of the top directories to submit your articles to are Lighthouse Article Directory and http://goarticles.com

* Publish links to your articles in community based popularity sites. A well “dugg” article can generate thousands of visitors to your website as well as inbound links.

* Network and build good relationships with maybe 10-20 quality site owners in your niche. The higher their site is ranked, the better. Help each other with site promotion, content ideas and article exchanges. Not only will this build relevant and quality inbound links to your website, it will also get you some good friends and JV partners who will prove to be very valuable to your business as time goes on.

Overall there are many benefits of writing and submitting articles. You get inbound links which help with your search engine rankings among other things. Articles also help to establish you as an expert in your niche, bring you targeted traffic and provide you with free advertising. A little time spent each day writing and distributing articles can do incredible things for your website and business.

The author of this excellent article is Henry. He is a SEO expert.


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Keyword Elite – The Keyword Density Factor

Posted by Jackie R. on February 25, 2007

There are an incredible amount of companies offering services to increase search engine ranking on the market at the moment. This is because, anyone who uses any Internet marketing methods already knows that search engine optimization is the the key to success. Search engine marketing works since almost everyone uses search engines to find what they are looking for on the Net. However, the reality is that none of these companies that promise search engine ranking can really guarantee success. Search engines use complicated algorithms that are simply too difficult to ever really crack. And if someone did manage to figure out the precise algorithm, it wouldn’t matter, since the search engines periodically, update their algorithms to prevent a breach to their integrity.

For example, Google factors over 100 variables in their algorithms. Although it is difficult to determine the running order of importance to the various factors, it is generally agreed that keyword density is a deciding factor used for search engine ranking. Keywords are simply the words and phrases that a surfer types into the search box to find the relevant information available on the Net. The search engines in turn provides the surfer with a listing of websites related to their query. If you type in ‘sailing’, then you do not want to look at a web page that mentions the word only once as it is likely not to contain the information that you are looking for. However, if the web page mentions the phrase “sailing” ten times, then it is much more likely to contain the information that you seek. This is the clear reason why keyword density is such an important variable.

Keyword density refers to the number of times a given keyword is mentioned in an article. It is found by dividing the number of occurrences of the keyword by the total number of words in the article. So, if you have an article with 10 keyword occurrences out of 200 words, the keyword density is 2%. Although it varies by search engine, a good rule is to maintain keyword density between 3 and 5 percent. Also, articles with the keyword in the title are generally considered more relevant than those without. It is also important to remember that search engines will penalize you for blatant plastering of keywords, so do not exceed 5%!

The exact phrases that are entered into the search engine are termed, ‘primary keywords’. Words that are the same as the ‘primary keyword’ but with a slight modification in grammar are called ‘tier one’ keywords. For example a primary keyword could be ‘bicycle part’ and a ‘tier one’ keyword ‘bicycle parts’ The ‘tier one’ keywords should be used just the once in the first or second paragraph. ‘Tier two’ keywords are words that relate to the ‘primary keyword’. So if the primary keyword was ‘bicycle parts’ then ‘tier two’ keywords may include words such as: seat, wheels, spokes, handlebars etc..These keywords do not need to have any specific density but should be used naturally throughout the article. Lastly, variations of the keyword are the final consideration. For ‘bicycle part’ they could be: bicycle, part, bicycles, parts and should never exceed the 5% density rule.

Again, the success of these tips will vary from search engine to search engine. However, following these guides will boost rankings by telling the search engine that your article is relevant to the keyword typed in by the surfer. You will need to experiment with the formula to find the best way to boost your rankings. Attaining an optimal keyword density is not the only variable in scoring high on the search engines, but it is one of the most important ones so be sure to take the time to find the keyword density formula that works best for you.

About the Author
joseph royal is professional internet marketer. To known the tips and more information on keywords,seo

visit this blogs : http://keywordblow.blogspot.com

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Search Engine Optimization Tips – How To Quickly Get Your Website Indexed

Posted by Jackie R. on February 25, 2007

If you have trying to get your website listed in the search engines you may have missed these two proven strategies which cost nothing to use. As well as this you can also improve your rankings and generate consistent free traffic.

Before you start its best to use both of the following strategies together for maximum effect and if you keep using them you will start to rank higher in the search engine results pages allowing you to generate hundreds of free visitors to your website everyday.

The first strategy involves setting up a blog on your website using a free script called Word Press. Its well known that search engines will index blogs faster than any other pages on your website. To get listed as quickly as possible it works best if you install the blog in your root directory (so the blog will be on your home page).

If you install the blog in a new folder on your website which is not the root directory you can still get listed very quickly but just not as fast as using it on your home page. If you have a new website you can always move the blog from the root directory to another folder once you have got indexed in the search engines.

Once the blog is set up you need to start posting new content at least once per day but preferably multiple times per day. You don’t have to write the content yourself as you can just use articles that are available on article directories but make sure that the information is related to your domain and contains relevant keywords.

To instantly attract the search engines to your blog you can use the next strategy which involves writing an article that is relevant to your website and then submit it to Go Articles for free. The article only has to be around 300 words long and it works best if the content is closely related to your website (don’t forget to include your website link at the bottom of the article).

Although the search engines will eventually notice your blog and index the content you can speed up the process by submitting an article to Go Articles who will list it instantly. It doesn’t take long to write one article and you should be able to attract the search engines within a day or two.

The great thing about this process is that you are using legitimate methods to attract the search engines and it costs you absolutely nothing to implement. If you decide to keep posting content on your blog and keep submitting articles to article directories you will improve your rankings and start generating free traffic.

About the Author
This article was written by Simon Akers who is the editor of the Marketing Oasis newsletter, a free internet marketing ezine packed with tips to help you succeed and increase your profits: http://www.MarketingOasis.com.

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DesertSky Marketing makes history in surf industry!

Posted by Jackie R. on February 11, 2007

It is true! DesertSky Marketing managed to full refund its members from its early venture who closed sometimes in November. DSM admin Dustin has sticked true to his word and here’s his update on this issue. It has created a big news in this industry because the so-called refunds are usually empty promises and mis-used by the departing admins to make their exits look more honorable.

Today DesertSky Marketing makes auto-surf history!! When DSM-1 shut down on November 12th, they owed 500 members. As of today, February 10th, DSM has finished paying in full (upgrades plus profit) ALL 500 of those members!! DesertSky Marketing is the first auto-surf program in the history of this industry that closed its program, re-opened, and paid ALL members from the previous program in FULL with profit. Now there have been a very few programs that refunded their members to a break-even point, but DesertSky Marketing paid its members profit too!

Members from DSM-1 received the following:
1. Members who joined between September 22 – October 15 were paid 110% total of their upgrade(s).
2. Members who joined between October 16 – October 31 were paid 105% of their upgrade(s).
3. Members who joined between November 1 – November 10 (last day upgrades were accepted) were refunded their ad pack purchases.

If you were one of the 500 original DSM members, please post in all the forums you are a member of that DesertSky Marketing paid you in full (upgrades plus profit).

Also, go vote on all the monitors:

Together, we have accomplished something no other surf site can claim. We saw DSM-1 wasn’t going to be successful, we closed it down, we made a plan, and we delivered with very little drama.

DesertSky Marketing ~ you can count on us!

Striving for excellence,

Dustin & Debs
DesertSky Marketing

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Boosting your PageRank by writing quality articles

Posted by Jackie R. on February 10, 2007

Google is arguably the most popular search engine in the last few years and it will continue to dominate the industry for many years to come. Therefore, the meaning of pagerank has become even more significant because that’s the buzzword when it comes to SEO. Pagerank is a term and system invented by Google to rank the importance of the sites. However, in actual fact, PR number you see is really an outdated number because there is no real time updating by Google. I guess the reason is to prevent people from using unscrupulous methods to jack up the PR and hence attain a high ranking.

What is really advantageous for having a good PR ranking is for the purpose of link selling. It is just like a personal achievement record for a real estate agent because you know if the agent sells with distinctive records, he/she must be an expert hence their chances of getting the business from you may be higher compared to someone newer. If you site is new, it will be at PR 0 and you really need to work hard if you wish to increase this number. There are many possible ways to do that, but the two most important things to do are of course write quality content and building quality incoming links. Just be doing these two main strategies alone will set your site to a higher ranking of PR 3 or 4 in 2 to 3 months time.

For me, the most important criteria is still writing quality content because I regard my blog as new and hence I find it difficult to get quality incoming links. Therefore the only way is to continue to post quality articles and I hope what I have written is informative.

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DesertSky Marketing is rated a success with new milestone reached

Posted by Jackie R. on February 9, 2007

I feel I need to give Dustin of DesertSky Marketing a well-deserved credit for the way he has steered DSM around. He has proved to be a competent admin who is near the class of the CEP’s mavericks. DSM has reached a new milestone with over $100K of adpacks sold in a single day. Here is the update from Dustin:

We have hit another milestone. Yesterday DesertSky Marketing sold over $100,000 in ad packs in only one day! Thank you for making DesertSky Marketing such a huge success!

We have also paid in full (upgrades plus profit) all AlertPay members from DSM-1. All, as in 100%, everyone, total, complete, etc. 🙂 Thee are now just 71 Egold members who are owed a balance from DSM-1. We will make payments these members this weekend and pay most of them in full as well.

Yes, this is what the industry needs now! With CEP and DSM programs around, a strong shot will surely be injected into the profit sharing surf industry for months to come. Guys, just be the supporters of these honest sites will be sufficient. Why do you want to risk your money to unknown admins when these top guys should be the ones you stick out with.

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It’s all over at Europe Trade…. hohoho!

Posted by Jackie R. on February 7, 2007

You have read about it if you are into HYIP. Europe Trade is arguably one of the most famous HYIP sites in the 2nd half of 2006. It’s finally called it a day. The way they folded was a typical way of demise for many sites – run without a trace. No noise, no unnecessary assurances. Snapped and went like an assassin. I do not know what’s the reason really, although I understand there were some site issues weeks before it closed. I thought it was doing well therefore it’s really a big surprise to many people. There was no news of members not being paid too as far as I know. If there is anyone with some stories about it, please tell me!

I never really invested a lot here, just over $20 set in compounding mode which will mature in April 2007. I got paid by their instant payment system over 10 times too. But it’s still a loss no matter how.

Well, I won’t step into HYIP again, other than Colon End Parenthesis. It’s a gamble really. You can play if you wish because it’s chances of hitting profits are higher than lotteries but the damn admin behind is the one who’s the winner.

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Quality content is what real food the search spiders are looking for

Posted by Jackie R. on February 4, 2007

Search Engine Optimization is not a fast overnight process. I have told this to the company I work for and I am glad that they understand. Normally it takes about 2 to 3 months at least to see some reasonable results with constant on-going effort coupled with right methodology applied to the SEO process. Some more, the search algorithms may change without your knowledge, therefore the SEO game is like running in a track without a definitive finishing line.

One thing is for sure, without quality content, your site or blog won’t lead you to high position in the SERP. It is the constantly updated information that keeps the search spiders coming back for more. The more times it comes back, the higher chances of being ranked high in the SERP for you. What search engines want is the content with the users’ needs in mind and not being tricked by any black hat methods to get your sites ranked high.

Just to share with you my own experience recently. I managed to push one of my company blogs to number 2 in the SERP for the specific keyword in 1 month but my PR is zero there. I update this blog with a lot of relevant and original content related to the theme. The objective is to post at least a 300 to 400 post per day. Sprinkle these daily posts with the specific keywords as much as you can so that it can achieve a desirable keyword density. I understand it is not possible to post so much content sometimes therefore it would be good if you have set a secondary keyword and you write content based on the secondary keyword when the ideas for the main keyword have dried.

With this experience, I have confirmed that the ranking of Google SERP is based more on the content because some of the sites in 3rd to 10th position have PRs between 3 to 5 hence logically they should be higher ranked than mine. However, this is apparently not the case because their contents have been stagnant for some times.

This is just my own experience and if you have any interesting SEO experience to share do place a comment here. 🙂

All the best.

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E-Gold security – how you can do it better and safer

Posted by Jackie R. on February 3, 2007

Right folks, I have not been writing much about ‘security’ topics recently. Today I thought I should share with you guys how to safely protect your E-Gold account as what I’ve been doing. Some of you may have known these steps but I thought I should recap a bit. This is a very common topic but nowadays I still come across many cases of e-gold being hacked stories.

It always takes a big mistake to learn or do what you should be doing, and this mindset happens because many people assume unfortunate things won’t happen to them. Just to share, in December 2005, I was robbed of nearly $5,000 of 12DailyPro money (when 12DP was using e-gold and in pink of health) that was paid to my e-gold, within 1 hour of payment. I didn’t even have a chance to see this number in my e-gold balance except at the history page showing to who it was paid to! Everything was done sneakily and stealthily. When it happened, my mind was a whirlpool because this just happened and it gatecrashed my dreams. E-Gold can’t help you to recover the money as one of the terms you agree when you sign up for account there states that spends once done are not recoverable whatsoever. It is precisely due to this loophole that E-gold is such a haven for cyber criminals. I think this happened because I clicked on an email link unknowingly

I’ve learned, here how to secure my e-gold account:

1. Use Linux if you can as chances of malware getting there is simply too low due to it’s architecture and comparatively lower number of users. I am using Unbuntu Linux 6.10 sometimes for online e-gold transactions.

If you are using Windows, I mean XP and below, here what I recommend:

1. Use Firefox browser with NoScript extension installed. Clear your cache and cookies after each browsing session.
2. Always update your anti virus and malware detectors with latest patterns. Scan your computer regularly.
3. It is advisable to install a firewall to further protect your computer.
4. Use IP URL to access e-gold, meaning use instead of http://www.e-gold.com.
5. Key in your password using the SRK feature instead of using keystrokes.
6. Use Roboform to generate complex long password for your e-gold and save it using Roboform. So you just need to use the ‘Fill’ feature of Roboform instead of using SRK.
7. Set AccSent’s “Detect IP Address Change Sensitivity” to ‘High’.
8. Sign up for a new email account just for e-gold purpose of receiving the AccSent pins. Never reveal this email to anyone. I recommend using Gmail.
9. If possible, install another non IE-based browser like Opera just for the single purpose of accessing e-gold.
10. Open another e-gold account for storage purpose if you plan to keep the money there for some time. Never reveal this e-gold number to anyone or in any website.

The best is of course, register for a CEP Trust account as a replacement for your e-gold money as CEP Trust does not have price fluctuations so you won’t suffer any paper loss for your money. Lastly, do not ever click any links in an unknown email or spams or even emails purportedly from e-gold. This applies to even chain mails sent to you from your best pals.

These are the steps I take to secure my e-gold. These steps are very troublesome I know but it’s better to be safe to yourself than waking up in the morning to discover your e-gold account’s been hijacked.

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