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E-Gold security – how you can do it better and safer

Posted by Jackie R. on February 3, 2007

Right folks, I have not been writing much about ‘security’ topics recently. Today I thought I should share with you guys how to safely protect your E-Gold account as what I’ve been doing. Some of you may have known these steps but I thought I should recap a bit. This is a very common topic but nowadays I still come across many cases of e-gold being hacked stories.

It always takes a big mistake to learn or do what you should be doing, and this mindset happens because many people assume unfortunate things won’t happen to them. Just to share, in December 2005, I was robbed of nearly $5,000 of 12DailyPro money (when 12DP was using e-gold and in pink of health) that was paid to my e-gold, within 1 hour of payment. I didn’t even have a chance to see this number in my e-gold balance except at the history page showing to who it was paid to! Everything was done sneakily and stealthily. When it happened, my mind was a whirlpool because this just happened and it gatecrashed my dreams. E-Gold can’t help you to recover the money as one of the terms you agree when you sign up for account there states that spends once done are not recoverable whatsoever. It is precisely due to this loophole that E-gold is such a haven for cyber criminals. I think this happened because I clicked on an email link unknowingly

I’ve learned, here how to secure my e-gold account:

1. Use Linux if you can as chances of malware getting there is simply too low due to it’s architecture and comparatively lower number of users. I am using Unbuntu Linux 6.10 sometimes for online e-gold transactions.

If you are using Windows, I mean XP and below, here what I recommend:

1. Use Firefox browser with NoScript extension installed. Clear your cache and cookies after each browsing session.
2. Always update your anti virus and malware detectors with latest patterns. Scan your computer regularly.
3. It is advisable to install a firewall to further protect your computer.
4. Use IP URL to access e-gold, meaning use instead of http://www.e-gold.com.
5. Key in your password using the SRK feature instead of using keystrokes.
6. Use Roboform to generate complex long password for your e-gold and save it using Roboform. So you just need to use the ‘Fill’ feature of Roboform instead of using SRK.
7. Set AccSent’s “Detect IP Address Change Sensitivity” to ‘High’.
8. Sign up for a new email account just for e-gold purpose of receiving the AccSent pins. Never reveal this email to anyone. I recommend using Gmail.
9. If possible, install another non IE-based browser like Opera just for the single purpose of accessing e-gold.
10. Open another e-gold account for storage purpose if you plan to keep the money there for some time. Never reveal this e-gold number to anyone or in any website.

The best is of course, register for a CEP Trust account as a replacement for your e-gold money as CEP Trust does not have price fluctuations so you won’t suffer any paper loss for your money. Lastly, do not ever click any links in an unknown email or spams or even emails purportedly from e-gold. This applies to even chain mails sent to you from your best pals.

These are the steps I take to secure my e-gold. These steps are very troublesome I know but it’s better to be safe to yourself than waking up in the morning to discover your e-gold account’s been hijacked.


4 Responses to “E-Gold security – how you can do it better and safer”

  1. daryoosh said

    I’ve just found your blog. I can see you cover very wide range of topics. I focus only on e-gold investments. Feel free to visit my blog and comment it:

  2. Excellent advice I’ll just add two small ones, if you set up a new email account just for e-gold purpose of receiving the AccSent pins, which is a great idea, make darn sure you write down the access information for that account. When e-gold sends you a PIN and you can’t get it because you forgot your email PW your account is un reachable and so is the balance. Just write your special email account info down on paper or floppy back up so you don’t lose it 🙂

    You can move your e-gold to 1MDC and back effortlessly so don’t forget to open a 1MDC account (www.1mdc.com), they don’t charge any monthly storage fees and it also easily converts into Pecunix via the 1MDC web site. Your 1MDC account is your actual e-gold account number and all withdrawals to e-gold only go to your account. Most all agents accept 1MDC just as they do e-gold. Its super easy and secure.


  3. Jackie R. said

    Thanks for your visit.

    Nowadays I cover more on SEO and CEP related topics which are my favorites. Those other autosurfs and HYIPs not mentioned in my blog aren’t in my attention anymore. If these are done, I will wash my hands off this industry completely. You can say they are my last hopes (excellent ones though) in this ever scavenging and scamming industry. Do you notice the scam list in MMG gets longer and longer all the time? Diversification does not hold true because they can be completely wiped out anytime. Just stay with the best of best is my motive now.

    Wish you all the best in the online venture 🙂

    Jackie R.

  4. Doh! I was domain shopping at namecheap.com and went to
    type in the domain name: https://web2007.wordpress.com/2007/02/03/e-gold-security-how-you-can-do-it-better-and-safer/ and guess who already had it?

    You did! haha j/k. I was about to buy this domain name
    but realized it was taken so I decided I’d come check it out. Wonderful blog!

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