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Quality content is what real food the search spiders are looking for

Posted by Jackie R. on February 4, 2007

Search Engine Optimization is not a fast overnight process. I have told this to the company I work for and I am glad that they understand. Normally it takes about 2 to 3 months at least to see some reasonable results with constant on-going effort coupled with right methodology applied to the SEO process. Some more, the search algorithms may change without your knowledge, therefore the SEO game is like running in a track without a definitive finishing line.

One thing is for sure, without quality content, your site or blog won’t lead you to high position in the SERP. It is the constantly updated information that keeps the search spiders coming back for more. The more times it comes back, the higher chances of being ranked high in the SERP for you. What search engines want is the content with the users’ needs in mind and not being tricked by any black hat methods to get your sites ranked high.

Just to share with you my own experience recently. I managed to push one of my company blogs to number 2 in the SERP for the specific keyword in 1 month but my PR is zero there. I update this blog with a lot of relevant and original content related to the theme. The objective is to post at least a 300 to 400 post per day. Sprinkle these daily posts with the specific keywords as much as you can so that it can achieve a desirable keyword density. I understand it is not possible to post so much content sometimes therefore it would be good if you have set a secondary keyword and you write content based on the secondary keyword when the ideas for the main keyword have dried.

With this experience, I have confirmed that the ranking of Google SERP is based more on the content because some of the sites in 3rd to 10th position have PRs between 3 to 5 hence logically they should be higher ranked than mine. However, this is apparently not the case because their contents have been stagnant for some times.

This is just my own experience and if you have any interesting SEO experience to share do place a comment here. 🙂

All the best.


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