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It’s all over at Europe Trade…. hohoho!

Posted by Jackie R. on February 7, 2007

You have read about it if you are into HYIP. Europe Trade is arguably one of the most famous HYIP sites in the 2nd half of 2006. It’s finally called it a day. The way they folded was a typical way of demise for many sites – run without a trace. No noise, no unnecessary assurances. Snapped and went like an assassin. I do not know what’s the reason really, although I understand there were some site issues weeks before it closed. I thought it was doing well therefore it’s really a big surprise to many people. There was no news of members not being paid too as far as I know. If there is anyone with some stories about it, please tell me!

I never really invested a lot here, just over $20 set in compounding mode which will mature in April 2007. I got paid by their instant payment system over 10 times too. But it’s still a loss no matter how.

Well, I won’t step into HYIP again, other than Colon End Parenthesis. It’s a gamble really. You can play if you wish because it’s chances of hitting profits are higher than lotteries but the damn admin behind is the one who’s the winner.


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