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DesertSky Marketing is rated a success with new milestone reached

Posted by Jackie R. on February 9, 2007

I feel I need to give Dustin of DesertSky Marketing a well-deserved credit for the way he has steered DSM around. He has proved to be a competent admin who is near the class of the CEP’s mavericks. DSM has reached a new milestone with over $100K of adpacks sold in a single day. Here is the update from Dustin:

We have hit another milestone. Yesterday DesertSky Marketing sold over $100,000 in ad packs in only one day! Thank you for making DesertSky Marketing such a huge success!

We have also paid in full (upgrades plus profit) all AlertPay members from DSM-1. All, as in 100%, everyone, total, complete, etc. 🙂 Thee are now just 71 Egold members who are owed a balance from DSM-1. We will make payments these members this weekend and pay most of them in full as well.

Yes, this is what the industry needs now! With CEP and DSM programs around, a strong shot will surely be injected into the profit sharing surf industry for months to come. Guys, just be the supporters of these honest sites will be sufficient. Why do you want to risk your money to unknown admins when these top guys should be the ones you stick out with.


2 Responses to “DesertSky Marketing is rated a success with new milestone reached”

  1. Tom Rankin said

    I totally agree……… lets help create a Tidal Wave!!!

  2. Jackie R. said

    Dear Tom,

    Thanks for your comments! Yes let’s help spread the good words about these honest sites! I wish you all the best and hope to hear your success stories soon.


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