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Boosting your PageRank by writing quality articles

Posted by Jackie R. on February 10, 2007

Google is arguably the most popular search engine in the last few years and it will continue to dominate the industry for many years to come. Therefore, the meaning of pagerank has become even more significant because that’s the buzzword when it comes to SEO. Pagerank is a term and system invented by Google to rank the importance of the sites. However, in actual fact, PR number you see is really an outdated number because there is no real time updating by Google. I guess the reason is to prevent people from using unscrupulous methods to jack up the PR and hence attain a high ranking.

What is really advantageous for having a good PR ranking is for the purpose of link selling. It is just like a personal achievement record for a real estate agent because you know if the agent sells with distinctive records, he/she must be an expert hence their chances of getting the business from you may be higher compared to someone newer. If you site is new, it will be at PR 0 and you really need to work hard if you wish to increase this number. There are many possible ways to do that, but the two most important things to do are of course write quality content and building quality incoming links. Just be doing these two main strategies alone will set your site to a higher ranking of PR 3 or 4 in 2 to 3 months time.

For me, the most important criteria is still writing quality content because I regard my blog as new and hence I find it difficult to get quality incoming links. Therefore the only way is to continue to post quality articles and I hope what I have written is informative.


2 Responses to “Boosting your PageRank by writing quality articles”

  1. Jackie,

    Thanks for your post on this subject! I tell my clients this all the time to write more articles and distribute them online. I tell them over and over that this will bring up page rank and create more quality inbound links. It is very hard for them to understand that they must do this on a regular basis.

    Thanks Very much for reinforcing in your blog that article marketing really works!

    Marci Rosenblum
    The Web Success Coach

  2. Jackie R. said

    Hi Marci,

    Nice to have you here. What you said is very true. All successes whether online or offline, are built through consistency.

    I wish you all the best in your online endeavors.

    Jackie R.

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