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DesertSky Marketing makes history in surf industry!

Posted by Jackie R. on February 11, 2007

It is true! DesertSky Marketing managed to full refund its members from its early venture who closed sometimes in November. DSM admin Dustin has sticked true to his word and here’s his update on this issue. It has created a big news in this industry because the so-called refunds are usually empty promises and mis-used by the departing admins to make their exits look more honorable.

Today DesertSky Marketing makes auto-surf history!! When DSM-1 shut down on November 12th, they owed 500 members. As of today, February 10th, DSM has finished paying in full (upgrades plus profit) ALL 500 of those members!! DesertSky Marketing is the first auto-surf program in the history of this industry that closed its program, re-opened, and paid ALL members from the previous program in FULL with profit. Now there have been a very few programs that refunded their members to a break-even point, but DesertSky Marketing paid its members profit too!

Members from DSM-1 received the following:
1. Members who joined between September 22 – October 15 were paid 110% total of their upgrade(s).
2. Members who joined between October 16 – October 31 were paid 105% of their upgrade(s).
3. Members who joined between November 1 – November 10 (last day upgrades were accepted) were refunded their ad pack purchases.

If you were one of the 500 original DSM members, please post in all the forums you are a member of that DesertSky Marketing paid you in full (upgrades plus profit).

Also, go vote on all the monitors:

Together, we have accomplished something no other surf site can claim. We saw DSM-1 wasn’t going to be successful, we closed it down, we made a plan, and we delivered with very little drama.

DesertSky Marketing ~ you can count on us!

Striving for excellence,

Dustin & Debs
DesertSky Marketing


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